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BeMoto Personal Accident (PA)

Benefit from worldwide protection, 24 hours a day. Your policy could help meet your existing financial commitments, and any other additional expenses you might incur if you are injured in an accident. From small fractures and dislocations to life changing injuries with up to £300,000 TAX FREE lump sum payouts.

  • Fixed prices for all riders aged 18 to 69 (won't increase as you get older or make a claim)
  • Guaranteed acceptance with no underwriting
  • Immediate cover to protect your lifestyle - ride with confidence that all your motorcycle activities are covered (even racing as an amateur or professional)

And that's not all... BeMoto Motorcycle Personal Accident keeps on protecting you at WORK (even high risk occupations), when playing SPORTS or when you TRAVEL abroad - including winter sports and many other activities.

You can even add your partner, all of your children, or cover the whole family for additional premium (children get reduced benefit levels).

Personal Accident can be combined with our Short Term Income Protection (STIP) product for even greater peace of mind with up to £2,000 per month for sickness or injury (maximum 12-months per claim).

Personal Accident Benefits for Motorcyclists

Adult Benefit (Individual Cover) LEVEL 1

£13.45 per month


£18.00 per month


£23.95 per month

Accidental Death £50,000 £100,000 £150,000
Permanent Total Disability £50,000 £100,000 £150,000
Paraplegia £50,000 £100,000 £150,000
Quadriplegia £100,000 £200,000 £300,000
Permanent Loss of:
  • Sight in both eyes
  • Use of two limbs
£25,000 £50,000 £75,000
Permanent Loss of:
  • Sight in one eye, speech or hearing in both ears
  • Use of one limb
£12,500 £25,000 £37,500
Permanent Loss of:
  • Hearing in one ear
  • Use of a shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, thumb, wrist or ankle
£5,000 £10,000 £15,000
Fracture of: upper leg, vertebral body, pelvis or skull £1,000 £2,000 £3,000
Fracture of: vertebra (other than vertebral body), lower leg, lower jaw, breastbone, shoulder blade, kneecap, upper or lower arm £500 £1,000 £1,500
Fracture of:
  • Lower leg, foot** (metatarsals), ankle (tarsals) & Pott’s fracture
  • Hand** (metacarpals), wrist (carpals) & Colles’ fracture
  • Clavicle or coccyx
£250 £500 £750
Burns £1,250 £2,500 £3,750
Hospitalisation per day
(Maximum 45 days and after a minimum 24 hours)
£50 £100 £150
Extended Hospitalisation top up
(Stays longer than 14 days)
£500 £1,000 £1,500

** Excludes all fingers and toes

In addition to the above benefits, there is cover for certain dislocations treated under local or general anaesthetic or traction, common sporting ailments like Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury and internal injuries resulting in open abdominal or thoracic surgery (excluding hernias).

Read the Motorcycle Personal Accident Policy Documents here.

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