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Sports Injury Insurance

Motorcycle Injury & Accidental Death Insurance

Bikers often think existing insurance policies will pay out if they're injured on track or off-road (either for fun or competitive racing). However... some insurance policies exclude injury or death when participating in what they consider to be "dangerous sports" or "hazardous pursuits".

BeMoto Personal Injury and Accidental Death Plans are designed for bikers on and off road; our motorcycle injury insurance helps put handy tax free cash in your pocket and contribute towards out-of-pocket expenses, e.g. if you're self employed and off work, or should the worst happen, leave your loved one's some extra cash with our Accidental Death policy.

Guaranteed acceptance & immediate cover (NO underwriting):

  • Personal Injury Plans (PIP) - Up to £3,000 per fracture or dislocation and up to £75 per night in hospital (max 45 nights), from only £1.18 per week
  • Accidental Death (AD) - Choose £50,000 or £100,000 benefit from only £1.30 per week (covers accidental death only, i.e. not from sickness).

Perfect for self-employed people who ride bikes for work or fun; continues to cover you when AT WORK (all trades covered) and when playing ANY SPORTS as an amateur or professional - not just when riding your motorbike.

Call BeMoto on 01733 907000* to speak to a biker about our personal protection plans.

NO exclusions for riding or racing motorcycles

Sports insurance designed for bikers. Live your life and enjoy riding your bike. Whether that's on or off-road, including couriers, commuters, trackday riders (UK or overseas circuits), green-laning with mates or full on Extreme Enduro or track racing as an amateur or professional sports person...

  • NO UNDERWRITING (guaranteed acceptance)
  • IMMEDIATE COVER once signed-up (no waiting periods if you're racing this weekend)
  • TAX FREE lump sum payouts
  • WORK & SPORTS INJURIES covered too, not just when you're riding motorbikes
  • WORLDWIDE COVER (you must be a UK resident to buy cover though)
  • ADD PARTNER & KIDS (your children receive 50% of the benefits selected)

Motorbike Sports insurance cover from only £5.11 per month... That's less than 20p per day (the price of a newspaper)!

AND... the monthly price will NOT increase if you make a claim or as you get older.

How much personal injury cover do I get?

Biker Injury Plans (PIP) - CoverLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Fractures upper limit (max 4 fractures per year) **
up to £1,000up to £2,000up to £3,000
Dislocations upper limit **up to £1,000up to £2,000up to £3,000
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury£500£1,000£1,500
Hospitalisation per day (max 45 days)
Hospitalisation lump sum (paid after 14 days)£250£500£750

** Fractures & Dislocations have different grades of seriousness - payouts vary by type of injury. Children receive 50% of chosen PIP benefit level on Family Plans. See Personal Protection Key Facts and Policy Documents.

Accidental Death (AD) - CoverLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Lump Sum Payout on Accidental Death£50,000£100,000N/A

How much will personal injury insurance cost me?

Biker Injury Plans - Pricing (per month)Level 1Level 2Level 3
Personal Injury Plan (PIP) - Individual Cover£5.11£9.97£14.06
Personal Injury Plan (PIP) - Family Cover£11.76£23.02£32.52
Accidental Death (AD) - Individual Cover£5.62£10.74N/A
Accidental Death (AD) - Individual & Partner£10.74£20.97N/A

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Examples of Motorcycle Activities Covered by this Insurance:

  • Motorcycle Couriers & Despatch Riders
  • Motorbike commuters
  • Enduro & Motocross
  • Trials & hill climbs
  • Time Trials events, e.g. Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • Grasstrack & Speedway
  • Mini moto
  • Mini bike & pit bike racing
  • Bike Trackdays (UK & overseas circuits)
  • Amateur Motorcycle Racing, e.g. Bemsee (BMCRC), Thundersport, No Limits Racing
  • Professional Track Racing, e.g. Supersport, Superstock, Superbikes (BSB, Sidecar
  • Road racing, e.g. Manx GP, Isle of Man TT, Oliver's Mount, Ulster GP
  • Quad biking & ATVs

In addition to personal protection products we also insure road bikes of all types and values, plus off-road bikes (with or without a V5) for fire & theft... either in the garage or in transit, as well as an option to cover your tools and spare parts.

  • Dirt bikes of all types (including children's bikes & quads)
  • Track bikes (including race bikes)
  • Trackday insurance (bike damage and/or travel repatriation)
  • Discounts on road insurance for trackday riders, dirt bikers and racers with ACU licences

Call on 01733 907000* about your insurance needs (for you and your bike).

BeMoto Biker Personal Injury Plans

* Calls are recorded for our joint protection