Closer Look: Dunlop RoadSmart IV


Dunlop Roadsmart IV close up

BeMoto looks at Dunlop’s new RoadSmart IV - a multi-talented tyre that aims to set new standards in handling, stability, wet grip and mileage.

  • Advanced technology derived from winning in motorsport
  • Two distinct designs to cover a broad range of sport-touring bikes
  • 17 of top 20 selling bikes covered by RoadSmart IV range


The Dunlop RoadSmart IV is the brand’s most versatile sport-touring tyre yet and features a combination of Dunlop’s innovations to create a multi-talented tyre that aims to set new standards in handling, stability, wet grip and mileage.

Beyond sport-touring: A tyre without boundaries

The sport-touring sector has become incredibly diverse as motorcycle genres overlap each other. Naked roadsters, crossover designs, road-focused adventure bikes, hyper-nakeds as well as traditional sport-tourers, were all in the design remit for RoadSmart IV.

Dunlop saw this broadening of the segment as an opportunity to create an all-new RoadSmart generation. It had to fit the needs of commuters, long-distance tourers and riders using their bikes for a Sunday morning blast. The design process was shaped by Dunlop’s research. Riders wanted a tyre that could deliver a perfect balance of outstanding dry performance and exceptional wet grip, neutral and stable handling and deliver consistent performance even after several thousand kilometres. From that brief, RoadSmart IV was born.

Dunlop Roadsmart IV close up in water

Dunlop RoadSmart IV fitment range, sizes and specifications

The Dunlop RoadSmart IV has been developed to fit 17 of the top 20 selling motorcycles in Europe. From on-road users of adventure bikes such as the BMW R1250GS, crossovers like the Yamaha Tracer, roadsters such as the Yamaha MT or Kawasaki Z ranges or larger touring bikes, Dunlop’s development team focused on creating an incredibly versatile tyre.

In the most popular sizes (120/70ZR17 front; 180/55ZR17 and 190/55ZR17 rear) Dunlop has developed two distinct versions of the RoadSmart IV. The SP variant is optimised for lighter and sportier road machines, whereas the GT variant is tuned to bring greater handling prowess to larger touring bikes.

Dunlop RoadSmart IV Technologies

RoadSmart IV features a package of Dunlop patented technologies, including innovations such as JointLess Belt and JointLess Tread that were developed in the motorsport world, where Dunlop is the most successful tyre brand in Isle of Man TT history, a multiple championship winner in the FIM Endurance World Championship and the exclusive tyre supplier to the Moto2 and Moto3 Grand Prix World Championships.

Dunlop RoadSmart Technical Features:

  • Dynamic Front Formula: An intricately balanced combination of profile design, advanced materials and construction to give light and confident handling.
  • MultiTread: Proven on the racetracks, developed for the road. The rear tyre has different compounds to give the perfect balance of durability and grip.
  • Carcass Tension Control System: Different tension zones in the tyre casing optimise handling and maximise the footprint.
  • JointLess Belt: Dunlop’s latest evolution of its race-winning JLB construction gives stability and precise feedback.
  • JointLess Tread: A more precise way of positioning the tread during manufacture boosts durability and consistency.
  • HiSilica: Cold or wet journeys are less of a worry with a more flexible compound at low temperatures.
  • Rayon Ply Casing: Using Rayon improves mileage and allows a rapid warm-up

Dunlop Roadsmart IV close up side profile

Dunlop RoadSmart IV better than the RoadSmart III?

The Dunlop RoadSmart IV will sit above the test-winning RoadSmart III in Dunlop’s range. That tyre has won awards including a ‘Recommended’ rating1 by UK magazine RIDE and a top mileage result from Germany’s Motorrad Test Center2. These test results underlined Dunlop’s ‘stronger for longer’ mileage and durability focus that continues with RoadSmart IV.


With a 21-size and 24 SKU range, the RoadSmart IV brings Dunlop’s total range of RoadSmart sport-touring tyres to over 40 sizes, covering more than 700 models and 97% of the sport-touring radial tyre segment.

(1) RiDE, May 2020 test.

(2) Compared to the average performance of Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT, Bridgestone T30 Evo, Pirelli Angel GT. Tested by Motorrad Test Center in November 2015.