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IOM TT 2023 Schedule: Don't miss a moment

Over the years, the Isle of Man TT has seen countless legendary racers leave their mark on the event. From the fearless Joey Dunlop to the modern-day stars like Michael Dunlop and Peter Hickman, these riders have etched their names in the history books with their remarkable performances and record-breaking speeds.

A selection of notable moments so far in 2023 (practice and race week):

  • Michael Dunlop clocked an unofficial speed [in practice] of 135.531mph on a Fireblade, he's now the first to top 130mph on a 600cc Supersport and has taken his tally to 22, 23, 24, no... 25 wins (surpassing the legendary John Mcguinness and on a mission to eventually catch his uncle Joey's record of 26 TT wins).
  • Hicky became the first rider to officially clock 200mph through the Sulby Speed Trap, he's also set the outright lap record with 136.358mph in the 2nd Superstock race and taken his wins from 9 to 12 - setting up an exciting final days' Senior TT showdown with Michael Dunlop.
  • The Birchall brothers (both with 14 wins each) also set the first ever 120mph lap on three-wheels in the 100th year of sidecar racing at the TT.

With practice and qualifying week done, the full race schedule kicked off Saturday 3rd June with SuperSport Race 1 (including SuperTwins) and culminates in the Senior TT race on Saturday 10th June. The full race schedule below and useful links will help you plan your race week schedule and help you plan your weekend around the best day of the year... Senior TT, Superbike Saturday.

BeMoto are proud to be supporting Davey Todd on the island after his roaring success at the 2023 North West 200. Davey and the Milenco by Padgett’s Motorcycles team have enjoyed some fantastic results from their hard work so far this season. Whilst this years TT has been dominated by MD, Hicky and Dean Harrison, Davey’s shown incredible pace and we have no doubt he'll be adding his name to the legends list and history books over the coming years.

Davey Todd Milenco by Padgets Honda at North West 200

Photo Credit: Double Red Photographic

Keeping Up with Coverage on Television

For fans unable to attend the Isle of Man TT in person, watching the event unfold on television or online is the next best option. Don't miss any of the high-octane action and intense racing moments. Here's how you can keep up with the coverage:

LIVE Online Streaming: The TT+ Live Pass is bound to be the choice of the avid TT fan. For just £19.99 you get to see ALL of the action (if you want guaranteed coverage in real time this is the only option). The live coverage is excellent including helicopter tracking.

ITV4: The official broadcaster for the Isle of Man TT, providing extensive coverage of the races. ITV will show highlights every evening from either 8pm or 9pm. Check the TV Guide ITV4 listings each day.

Isle of Man TT 2023 Itinerary

To help you plan your TT schedule, here's the itinerary for the Isle of Man TT 2023:

Subject to delayed start times with slightly eratic weather on the island and other unforeseen reasons for rescheduling races.

Race Day Date Time Class
1 Sat 3 June 13:30 (updated) Solo Warm-Up [1-lap]
1 Sat 3 June 14:45 (updated) Monster Energy Supersport TT Race 1 [4-laps]
1 Sat 3 June 17:00 (updated) Sidecar TT Race 1 [3-laps]
2 Sun 4 June 13:30 Solo Warm-Up [1-lap]
2 Sun 4 June 14:40 RST Superbike Race [6-laps]
3 Tue 6 June 10:30 Solo Warm-Up [1-lap]
3 Tue 6 June 10:50 Sidecar Shakedown [1-lap]
3 Tue 6 June 14:45 (delayed due to low cloud) RL360 Superstock TT Race 1 [3-laps]
3 Tue 6 June 14:00 (delayed) Carole Nash Supertwin TT Race 1 [3-laps]
4 Wed 7 June 10:30 Solo Warm-Up [1-lap]
4 Wed 7 June 11:45 Monster Energy Supersport TT Race 2 [4-laps]
4 Wed 7 June 14:15 Sidecar TT Race 2 [3-laps]
5 Fri 9 June 10:30 Solo Warm-Up [1-lap]
5 Fri 9 June 12:45 (updated) RL360 Superstock TT Race 2 [3-laps]
5 Fri 9 June 15:00 (updated) Carole Nash Supertwin TT Race 2 [3-laps]
6 Sat 10 June 10:30 Solo Warm-Up [1-lap]
6 Sat 10 June 11:20 Celebrating 100 Years of Sidecars at the TT
6 Sat 10 June 12:15 Milwaukee Senior TT [6-laps]

For more information including the Start Lists visit the official IOM website.

Other Ways to Satisfy Your Racing Fix

If you haven't already watched it, the X part documentary series No Room For Error on ITV is essential watching, filmed at the TT in 2023 with behind the scenes action and interviews with the stars and their families.

ITV also have series 15 of the Isle of Man TT show including back stories and history of the TT, as well as a preview of the 2023 races.

TT Podcasts: Keep an eye on socials for our epic partners - Off-Track The Racing Podcast. They manage to access places even ITV4 can’t reach!

Visit the 2023 motorcycle racing calendars page for schedules of all the big race classes this year.