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Honda CBR1000F Benetton

More touring than sports, Honda’s plush CBR1000F was a magic carpet with a rocket up its bottom. If you’re looking for a big bike that doesn’t need to be thrashed to enjoy and you don’t mind them heavy with wobbly bits and a thirst for drink, look no further!

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Let’s get one thing straight - Honda’s CBR1000F is a good bike. Not an excellent bike, but a darn good one and the sort of bikes owned by people who like a comfortable ride propelled by a strong motor and reliability that comes with the Honda badge (early models and their noisy camchain tensioners aside…).

Honda CBR1000F Benetton

Yes, it weighed a quarter of a tonne without fuel and other wet bits in it. Yes, the combined braking system from 1992 models onwards took a bit of getting used to and made for some funny burnout attempts.

But because the world has gone mad and the price of used bikes from the nineties are crazy, you can still get a lot for your bunce with a bike beaten by its own team by the Blade and Blackbird. The riders who bought these bikes did the miles but looked after them.

Honda CBR1000F Benetton

Many would say that our favourite bike buyer, breaker, seller and collector, Scottie Redmond, hasn’t moved on since the 1990s and the Hondas that it produced. Anyway, this is what he’s looking at this week. And if you’ve actually read this far, drop us a mail with the random bikes you’re looking on ebay right now. We might even send you some stickers.

Honda CBR1000F Benetton

Scottie: “Since 1986 I have owned lots of bikes. Some leave me with no memories, yet others have left a lasting impression on me. The Honda CBR1000F is one of those machines that I have nothing but fond memories.

“The first FH model wasn’t a bad bike but the FK model from 1989 is the one that was fully refined and built with that added attention to detail that Honda were great at. Sure, the Kawasaki ZZR1100 might have been faster in the magazine shoot-out road tests, but on the A13 in the real world it didn’t really matter. Still doesn’t.

Honda CBR1000F Benetton

“The CBR1000F is a super comfy bike. I can remember when the CBR1100XX Blackbird came out, it cost too much (new) and having owned them it was nowhere near the plush comfy levels of the CBR. Most of these bikes get an easy life, owned by people who look after them and avoid fitting tacky extras. Another plus for when you are hunting for one to buy.

“This Benetton edition is a bit of a curve ball when compared to the more traditional colours that Honda gave us over the run of the mighty F’s lifespan. Myself, I have always liked pink bits!"