Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN)

Why should I SORN my bike or quad?

If your road registered motorcycle is laid up, not taxed or insured you will face a hefty fine if you have not declared the motorcycle off the road by a SORN notification.

Please bear in mind that the DVLA check their own details against those held on the Motor Insurance Database (MID), if your motorcycle is not showing as insured on the MID and you haven’t declared your motorcycle as off the road then the DVLA will easily find you.

When should I complete a SORN?

You must make a SORN in the following situations:

  1. if you don’t renew your vehicle tax and you are keeping your motorcycle off the road
  2. if you are applying for a refund of vehicle tax and keeping your motorcycle off the road
  3. if you purchase an untaxed motorcycle and do not tax it
  4. if your motorcycle has no valid road risk insurance in place
  5. if you are cancelling your road risk insurance and keeping your motorcycle off the road

SORN Yamaha R1

How do I declare my motorcycle as off road?

You can declare your motorcycle as off road by clicking here: SORN my motorcycle.

How long does SORN last?

A SORN lasts for 12 months then you will have to re-SORN your motorcycle.

How do I check when SORN expires?

You can check the date that your bike's SORN expires online by clicking DVLA Vehicle Check. You should also be sent a V11 reminder to remind you when your SORN is about to expire.

Can I ride to an MOT test when a SORN is in place?

You can ride your motorcycle to and from a pre-arranged test at an MOT test station provided you have adequate road insurance cover in place for your motorcycle.

Can I get cheap insurance for my SORN bike?

Yes, we recognise that not all motorcycles are ridden on the road and some are laid up. We also recognise that not all bikers want to pay for a road risk insurance product if their bike is laid up and not in use - quite simply they do not need the road risk element.

Here at BeMoto we have a very affordable Fire and Theft only policy; our SORN and Laid Up Bike Insurance provides you with peace of mind whilst your motorcycle is laid up and not is use in a garage, shed or lock-up (at home or rented elsewhere).

Call BeMoto on 01733 907000* to speak to a SORN bike insurance specialist.

SORN Motorbike Insurance

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