About Non Road Insurance


As motorcycle insurance specialists we love off road bikes as much as road motorcycles. This includes anything that's fun, even if it has more than two wheels, for example ATV insurance for unregistered and road-legal quad bikes and buggies.

We also have insurance for you to cover personal injury as a result of a sports accident, including riding bikes and quads on and off road (amateur or professional).

We have a range of different products below, uniquely designed for SORN bikes, race bikes, track bikes, off-road bikes, quad bikes and buggies.

SORN Fire and Theft Insurance

This product is designed for laid up and SORN motorcycles and quads in the garage, shed or lock-up (at home or rented storage elsewhere).

The vehicle must have a V5 registration form and must be registered under a Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN) with the DVLA.

For further details read our SORN Bike Insurance information.

Off-Road Fire and Theft Insurance (no V5)

Our dirt bike insurance is designed for non-road bikes and quads without a V5 registration form. Off road bikes and quads are often very difficult to buy insurance for without a V5, however we can help.

Where your dirt bike or quad is worth over £2,000 you will need to complete an INF85 Off Road Registration Form, which simply registers an off-road bikes VIN / Chassis number with the DVLA. You will have 28-days from purchasing cover to do this.

Road-legal Quad and Buggy Insurance

We can offer road-legal quad bike insurance and road-legal buggy insurance for quads up to £10,000 and buggies up to £7,500 in value (sorry we can't insure higher value machines at present).

For further information: Quad bike rules and requirements.

Track and Race Bike Theft Insurance

We've all seen the news about WD40 and Tyco BMW bikes being stolen, but more often it's the amateur trackday rider or racer who loses out (a few of us have had bikes stolen from our garage). BeMoto track and race bike insurance provides fire, theft and malicious damage cover when securely stored in a garage, shed or lock-up.

Where your track or race bike is worth over £2,000 and it doesn't have a V5 SORN certificate, you will need to complete an INF85 Off Road Registration Form. It simply registers your bikes VIN / Chassis number with the DVLA. You will have 28-days from purchasing cover to do this.

We can also offer daytime MOT insurance to use your track bike on the road in some circumstances (subject to appropriate age, experience and NCD).

Bike Trackday Insurance

Our unique bike trackday insurance is designed to insure your motorcycle for crash damage caused at any UK or European circuit, including the Nurburgring, with sensible excesses and discounts for multiple days or groups of mates.

Any bike, any value, any modifications can be covered, whether it's a road bike or a dedicated track or race bike. Get your knee down without worrying about your bike - relax and enjoy the day knowing you're bike is covered for accidents on track whether they are your fault or not.

Discounts also available for Trackday Addicts Group members.

Sports Injury Plans

No matter how tough or skilled you are, accidents can happen, that's why we offer personal sports injury plans designed for bikers to ensure you're covered when riding for fun or competitively (racing as an amateur or professional).

Many protection insurance policies exclude "dangerous sports" or "hazardous pursuits" - we've designed ours to cover exactly those sorts of fun things!

Guaranteed acceptance with no underwriting (immediate cover) and tax free lump sum payouts for accident related fractures, dislocations, hospital stays and even accidental death - at work, home or play.