About Us

We are Mat, Ben & Nick

We established BeMoto in 2015, based in Peterborough (our products cover the whole of the UK).

Between us we have over 50 years experience in financial services and insurance, working for big name brands including a large UK motorcycle insurance broker - which is where we met and have since set up BeMoto to focus on motorcycle insurance of all types - mixing business with pleasure!

As bikers, we believe in treating bikers fairly, offering an excellent service and a great product at a reasonable price. For example we don't charge an ‘amendment fee’ if you want to make a change to your cover mid term, such as changing your bike or moving home.

We work with some of the leading insurers in the country and will cater for a variety of insurance needs for any type of motorcycle, including fire & theft insurance for SORN or non-road legal motorcycles in a garage.

Both Mat and Nick have previously each had an R1 track bike stolen from their garages at home, hence the focus on SORN, laid-up and non-road bike insurance, as well as trackday bike damage insurance and traditional insurance for your road motorcycles (only with loads of extra benefits).

Nick Fenton

Nick Fenton

Nick is a bike fanatic, the type who thinks nothing of relegating the kitchen table in order to make room for his pride and joy (luckily for Nick, his fiancé is very forgiving).

Over his biking career, Nick has owned a wide range of bike types with Sportsbikes being the main bikes of interest. He has owned Sportsbikes of pretty much every capacity and engine configuration. He has a love for V-Twin Superbikes, having until very recently a Honda SP2, Aprilia RSV-R and a Ducati 998 in his collection.

Nick is a keen follower of BSB, MotoGP and occassionally WSBK - particularly a fan of Rossi and anyone on a Ducati bike...

Mat Long

Mathew Long

Mat is a bike enthusiast. When family allows, he enjoys taking a bike for ride and when he can he loves blasting his bike round a track (even venturing once to Circuit d'Alcarras in Spain with PaceDayz) and loves watching BSB and MotoGP racing.

Mat also has a love for Sportbikes owning a number of in-line four 1000cc Superbikes including a long term K1 Gixxer and a pre big-bang R1 (until it was stolen from his garage). His most recent bike is a Daytona 675 R for occasional track days and because he's always wanted a UK Triumph.

Mat is now living vicariously through his children by encouraging Santa to give them [silent!] Oset electric trial bikes a few Christmases back.

Ben Blake

Ben Evil Knievel

Evil 'Ben' Knievel is a novice motorcyclist. He has completed his CBT so can competently wobble around a car park! Ben is aiming to get his full motorcycle licence soon, so watch out.

We want to support the biker community

That’s why when building our business, there are some core themes that we have endeavoured to bring into our business:

  • Make it easy to insure bikes
  • Recognise that bikers and bikes are all unique
  • Help new bikers to start off
  • Never put a healthy bike down

This may sounds idealistic, but as a privately owned company, we are determined to build a business that we can be proud of. We want our customers and our partners to share our passion.

We are young business, trying to do it right. We would love to hear where you think we have got it right, and where we could do it better.

We value your support.

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