Auto Renewal Opt-Out

If you have multiple policies with us, we will assume that all policies will be opted-out of automatic renewal.

If you prefer you can call us on 01733 667857 or email to update your renewal preferences.

Please DO NOT use this form if your renewal is due within the next week. Call us instead.

  • By opting out of auto-renewal I acknowledge that I will not be re-insured at renewal unless I contact BeMoto to make payment prior to the expiry date of my current policy.

  • I understand the following declaration:
    If your vehicle is not insured or declared SORN with the DVLA, you could face penalties or even prosecution. It is an offence under the Road Traffic Act 1988 to use any motor vehicle without a policy of insurance in place. 'Use' may also include keeping a vehicle on a public highway or in a public place without an appropriate policy of motor insurance covering the vehicle in question.