DREAM RIDES: Kawasaki Ninja H2 Carbon


Bike World Dream Rides Ninja H2 Carbon on the road

Kawasaki has given us some incredible and bonkers bikes over the years and here at BeMoto motorcycle insurance we are absolute fans of both the original H2 Mach IV two-stroke hooligan of the 1970s and the modern incarnation, the Ninja H2R and H2.

The first production motorcycle to be fitted with a supercharger in 2015, the track only Ninja H2R with 310hp (326hp with ram air….) from its 998cc inline four-cylinder engine, single sided swingarm and distinctive angular looks captured the attention. It is worth watching this video of James Hillier taking one to 206mph on the Isle of Man TT circuit in 2015…

Bike World Dream Rides - Chris Northover Admires the Ninja H2 Carbon

A road legal Ninja H2 was also offered with ‘only’ 200hp and in 2017 Kawasaki offered just 120 units globally of the Ninja H2 Carbon. This model boasted special matt paint to mimic the look of the R, an Öhlins TTX shock, a lean angle display on the dash, cornering ABS, an auto-blipper for quick-shifting down then gearbox and a carbon fibre reinforced upper cowl. The Kawasaki H2 Carbon cost £27,999 in 2017 and amazingly sold out just three months after it was announced to the world.Bike World Dream Rides - Ninja H2

That lucky fella, Chris Northover from Bike World, has swung a leg over a 2018 Carbon version as part of the BeMoto-sponsored Dream Rides series.

You can watch the video below or buy the very same bike from The Bike Specialists here