​KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG


Founded in 1934 as an auto repair centre and reseller of DKW motorcycles and Opel cars in Mattighofen, Austria, the companies founder, engineer Hans Trunkenpolz, eventually started developing his own bike - in 1954 he launched the KTM R 100 - powered by a 98cc two-stroke Rotax engine, following substantial investment from Ernst Kronreif.

KTM is an abbreviation of Kronreif Trunkenpolz Mattighofen (investor, founder, location of factory).

KTM-R100-Rotax motorcycle in black and white

After Ernst Kronreif died in 1980 and founder Hans Trunkenpolz died in 1982 his son Erich Trunkenpolz took over KTM for seven years until his death as well in 1989. Thankfully none of them got to see the business go bust in 1990 and get taken over by the banks in 1991.

Since then the motorcycle business has been run under the name KTM Sportmotorcycle (other parts of the business were spun off).

KTM Logo through the years

KTM Racing

KTM is synonymous with the oldest of all trials events – the International Six Days Trial (ISDT) or International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) as it is now known - running since 1913. SIX DAYS is now a range of KTM bikes.

Since first appearing 60-years ago (1956) in the Six Days Enduro they have been a dominant force – once a sea of blue (the old brand colour) it is now a sea of orange. Only KTM and Husqvarna are still in production from the dozens of original trial & endure manufacturers.

KTM EXC 300 SIX DAYS Motorcycle on display at a bike show

KTM 300 EXC SIX DAYS: International Dirt Bike Show 2016

KTM also have a strong association with long distance rally-raid events like the Paris-Dakar Rally and Motocross, however more recently they have been associated with short-circuit racing with Moto3 and Red Bull Rookies – and in 2017 will field a Moto2 team and have signed Bradley Smith and Pol Espargaro to ride the RC16 MotoGP bike in the premier class.

KTM-RC16 MotoGP bike on paddock stand

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