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GAP Insurance – What is it? Why do you want it??

Guaranteed Asset Protection or "GAP Insurance" exists to protect you against financial loss if your motorbike has been declared a 'total loss' or write off as a result of an insurance claim.

If your motorbike is deemed a total loss by your insurer (usually due to an accident or theft), the policy will usually only pay you market value for your motorbike at the time of the incident; therefore, because your motorbike depreciates in value over time, there is most likely going to be a gap between the current market value and what you owe to a finance company or need to replace the bike with a newer equivalent.

The difference between what is paid out by your motorbike insurer and the amount that you need to pay the finance company, or, pay to replace the machine will most likely have a significant shortfall leaving you with an uninsured liabality, no motorbike, and the stress of trying to find the money to get back on the road and clear any debt.

Important: BeMoto GAP Insurance is for motorbikes only, i.e. not for scooters, quads or trikes.

GAP Insurance can remove or significantly reduce the financial shortfall

"Return to Invoice" (RTI) GAP is available for new or used bikes, less than 8 years old and purchased from a VAT regiostered garage or dealership within the last 180 days. It covers the “gap” between your total loss settlement and the invoice price (purchase value) of the bike,

Why choose BeMoto GAP Insurance?

We have negotiated with insurers to provide products that are designed by bikers for bikers, for example:

  1. Other GAP products are often limited to new bikes... we have options for preloved and older machines too!
  2. Other GAP products usually only cover the value of the base level bike. Our Return to Invoice (RTI) GAP covers factory options and dealer fitted modifications as standard (when included in your invoice price along with the bike and fitted at the factory or by the dealer).
  3. Other GAP products can often be invalidated by aftermarket modifications, whereas ours will still pay out, even if you have modified the bike yourself (the insurer just won’t cover the cost of replacing your aftermarket modifications).


Have a look at the table here to check whether you qualify to purchase our GAP insurance (you need to meet all the criteria on the left hand side of the table):

Question*Yes you qualifySorry not this time

When did you purchase the bike?

Less than 180 days ago

More than 180 days ago

What is the mileage on the bike?

Less than 120,000 miles

More than 120,000 miles

What age is the bike?

Less than 8 years old

More than 8 years old

Where was the bike purchased?

From a VAT registered dealership / garage

From a private seller

What level of bike insurance do you have?

Comprehensive Insurance Cover

Third Party, Fire and Theft or Third Party Only Cover

Buy Return To Invoice GAP Insurance

* If ALL of your answers fall in the left-hand column then Return To Invoice GAP Insurance is probably the cover for you; however, if any of your answers fall in the right-hand column then we don't currently have a product that meets your needs.

Return To Invoice (RTI) GAP Insurance:

Return To Invoice GAP offers you cover from month 0 up to a 48 month period. This policy covers the shortfall between the settlement from your motorbike insurance or Glass’s valuation (whichever is greater) and the purchase price of the motorbike; or if the early settlement figure is greater on your finance agreement.

For months 49 to 60, it covers the shortfall between the settlement from your motorbike insurance and the early settlement figure of your finance agreement (this is because the policy can cover finance agreements up to 60 months in term).

The policy also provides a motor insurance policy excess contribution up to £250!

This policy is, therefore, suitable if you have bought your motorbike outright, financed the purchase or have personally leased or taken a contract hire motorbike. You must also have a comprehensive insurance policy for this type of cover.

You are able to select the term of your policy and the maximum amount of benefit that you would like to cover for in the event of a total loss. This policy is therefore very flexible and can be tailored to your individual needs.

Return To Invoice GAP Insurance BenefitsCover Included

Excess contribution to minimise financial struggles (£250)

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Settles Finance, Hire & Lease Agreements

Cover for new and used bikes bought from a dealership or garage within the last 180 days*

Cover for Factory Fitted Options and Dealer fitted modifications

Cover for Named Riders

Note: For this level of cover to be appropriate for you then you must have comprehensive insurance cover in place for the entire time the policy is in place.

* If you have purchased a bike from anywhere but a VAT Registered Garage or Dealership, purchased a bike aged over 8 years or with over 120,000 miles, or the bike has been purchased more than 180 days before you purchase GAP Insurance then this cover will not be suitable.

Whilst on the face of it, GAP insurance may seem like a no brainer, we understand that you, as our customer, want to be reassured that you have a decent level of cover. That is why we have gone that extra mile to see what the rest of the market offer and done our level best to bring you exceptional cover at great value.

We have also made it super accessible and simple to purchase without any long-winded application forms or credit checks.

Avoid the potential stress and hassle of being faced with a shortfall and get your BeMoto GAP Insurance here today….

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