Trackday Repatriation Insurance

  • Up to £250,000 for emergency medical costs
  • Up to £100,000 for emergency repatriation costs
  • Bike Accidents on Track (Option for Amateur Racing)
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Overseas Motorbike Trackdays

We believe that everyone with a motorbike should take it on a track day at some point. Not only is it one of the best experiences you'll have on a bike, it's also a great self-improvement experience with the advantage of learning your limits and what your bike is capable of, in a safer environment where you can push things that little bit harder... You'll soon realise that the bike is rarely the limiting factor, it comes down to your skills (or lack of) as a rider.

However, once you've had a few days on UK circuits, there's every chance you will catch the track day bug and start looking at Euro trackdays; where the sun almost always shines and you can spend three-days learning the same circuit and honing your skills. Plus of course it's a mini-holiday with like-minded bikers, where you can talk all evening about how your CBR600 miraculously did 180mph down the back straight over some tapas and sangria.

Whilst trackdays aren't necessarily dangerous with a capital D, they are higher risk than your typical holiday activities, like snorkelling or beach volleyball. So, if you're going on an overseas trackday event, then you will most definitely need what's known as Repatriation or "Repat" Insurance - in case you end up in hospital or unable to get home after an accident on track.

So what is Trackday Repatriation Insurance?

Trackday Repat Insurance

The use of your bike on track is typically excluded from normal Travel Insurance policies as a 'Hazardous' or 'Dangerous' activity, likewise you can't rely on being treated for free at the expense of the host nations tax-payers (don't rely on an EHIC or GHIC card, they are not intended to underwrite adrenaline sports). So if you don't have the right cover and you come off on the track, you may get stuck with some hefty hospital bills... Or worse, unable to come home on a normal flight without medical evacuation.

Useful things to know about our Repat Insurance:

  1. Our repatriation insurance is like a 'normal' travel insurance policy, however ours includes options (or Activity Packs) to enable you to ride on track with cover up to £250,000 towards emergency medical costs and up to £100,000 for emergency repatriation costs in the event of an accident.
  2. You can upgrade to include Amateur Racing for an additional premium (you will need this Activity Pack if there is ANY timed element to your trackday).
  3. It's really important to purchase cover BEFORE you go, as not only does it include some cancellation benefits if you need to call off your trip, but you cannot actually buy cover once you've left the UK - it must cover the whole duration of your trackday holiday and be set up before you travel.
  4. The majority of circuits or Trackday Organisers won't let you on track without proof of proper medical and repatriation cover in place so if you forget to buy it in advance, you may not be allowed on track at all.
  5. You can buy Annual Multi Trip policies, but if your trackday is a one-off then Single Trip is probably the best option (the maximum age is 66 for multi-trip vs. 75 for single trip).

There are some important conditions to be aware of, including but not limited to:

  • You must be a UK resident and be travelling from and back to the UK
  • You need to select the appropriate Activity Pack (non-competitive trackday vs. amateur racing)
  • You need to complete the medical screening questions and declare pre-existing medical conditions
  • You need to have the appropriate UK licence for the class of bike you are riding (or an ACU race licence)
  • You need to wear the right safety gear ("approved motorcycle apparel")
  • You need to call the emergency assistance line at the earliest opportunity to notify the insurer and get support if you end up in hospital

There are some notable exclusions as well:

  • There is NO cover medical costs incurred at private hospitals.
  • There is NO cover for lump sum payouts to you for accidental injury or death on track (we may be able to help with separate personal injury insurance).
  • There is NO cover for third party liability when riding on track - In other words it won't pay someone else for any injury or damage to their property that you might cause (everyone signs a disclaimer to say they are doing the trackday at their own risk anyway).
  • There is NO cover any damage to your bike (although you can buy Trackday Bike Damage Insurance from us).

You may also want to read our more detailed guide to What is Trackday Repatriation Insurance.

Always check the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website for travel advice on the country you are travelling to You will NOT be covered for claims arising from non-essential trips like trackdays if you travel against FCO advice.

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When riding in Europe (EEA Countries)

The European Health Insurance Card (or EHIC) or it's newer Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) is issued FREE of charge and allows anyone who is covered by a statutory social security scheme of an EEA country to receive medical treatment in another member state free or at a reduced cost, if that treatment becomes necessary during their visit.

An EHIC/GHIC card may be rejected for track injuries and does NOT cover repatriation!

You should defnitely take one of these, as you may fall ill whilst abroad and need to rely upon it, however there's a good chance they won't accept one of these cards for trackday injuries. This repat Insurance is intended to compliment the EHIC/GHIC card by providing additional emergency medical costs for valid claims, but additionally provides repatriation cover (within the overall medical policy limit), where medically necessary and subject to the assistance companies approval.

IMPORTANT: This policy does NOT cover medical costs incurred at private hospitals. Always call the emergency assistance line at the earliest opportunity to notify the insurer and get support from their assistance company.

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