Multibike Garages: Joanna Benz


One bike is never enough! Which is why we pride ourselves on being so competitive for multibike insurance policies.

Joanna Benz is a BeMoto customer who wasn’t able to stop at just one bike, so we asked her what is in her garage and why.

Joanna Benz is a 35-year old digital marketing specialist and a mum. Anything with an engine has always got her juices flowing and she finally got her bike licence six years ago. Rather than taking a cautious approach with what bike to get first, she dived right in and bought a new Yamaha R6 straight away.

“As we all know, you can get a lot more performance from a motorbike compared to something like a sports car for a lot less money, so that was always a big attraction to me,” explains Jo. “But I bought the R6 before I actually passed my test. I couldn’t wait any longer to make my dream come true!”

Fortunately, she passed her test and enjoyed the R6 before that made way for a BMW S1000RR and then that moved aside for something a bit more special…


The ultimate road-going incarnation of BMW’s S1000RR Superbike, Jo had her eyes on getting one of these.

“I had a S1000RR before and that’s why I knew the HP4 would be ideal as it is the fancy version!” Jo explains. “It’s a true dream bike. I bought it a year and a half ago and it was going to be my only bike at the time as it ticked all boxes; versatile, beautiful, fast. In my opinion it is comfy enough to go touring, do track days and great for Sunday afternoon rides. It is obviously very powerful, yet it is flattering for less experienced riders. And the incredible electronics keep me safe – especially on the road.”

Modifications: HP4 levers and rearsets.

Joanna Benz on her BMW HP4

Ducati Hypermotard 950 SP

Fresh out on the streets and tracks this year, the Hypermotard 950 SP is in no way trying to be anything but a two-wheeled fun factory. Jo tells us that the decision to get this bike has both a long and short story…

“I’ll tell you the short story,” Jo quips. “This is the most ‘be in the moment’ motorcycle I’ve ever ridden. As a main bike, it makes no sense. As a second bike, it is just a wild toy. Just a play bike. It’s half the power of the HP4 but I find I can exploit it a bit more - the HP4 probably has too much for the road. The Ducati is more involving to ride. It’s just wild. That’s why I got it.”

Modifications: “None so far as the bike is new out. I even like the look of the standard exhaust.”

Jo Benz on Hypermotard

NIU M Series

An 800w motor punching out 95N.m the NIU M Series is “…an evolution of the NIU design language that puts a modern twist on heritage scooter design.” Apparently. So why the electric scooter?

“I missed out on the scooter small bike phase of riding by getting an R6,” Jo begins to justify the futuristic blue thing in her garage. “I then rode a scooter a couple of years ago and found it appealing. I live outside a town now and just use it to pop into town for errands; it’s just so convenient and I use it every day.

It’s slow, so I can be more relaxed about what I wear on it and therefore takes less time to get ready for a ride. It’s also cheap to run, quiet and I think it looks stunning! I use the big bikes for the fun times. This is also the only bike I’ve been able to take my special needs son on the back of and he absolutely loves it!”

Modifications: “I bought a matching shopping bag so I can be a fancy lady when I go to Waitrose! This is essential.”

Jo Benz Scooter


A hypothetical question we hate to ask, but…

Jo – your garage is on fire and you can only rescue one bike. Which would you save?

“The HP4! No hesitation,” shouts Jo. “If I had to get rid of them – which I hope not as I want to keep them all – it would be in same order I got them. I never want to lose the HP4; it’s just so versatile.”

Jo Benz HP4 Trackday


“Because of the variety of the bikes I have, people ask me how I decide what to ride. It’s always a simple choice because of how different they are! It depends on the mood I’m in or the need of the ride,” Jo explains.

“But if I had to put one more bike in the garage, I would like something vintage with more soul to it,” says Jo. “Something with history. Everything else I have is new or fairly new.”

You can follow more of Jo’s adventures at Joanna Benz Instagram and she will be on the BeMoto stand at the MCN Festival of Motorcycling on May 18-19 with her three bikes if you want to quiz her about the scooter… ;-)

Multibike Insurance Specialists

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Jo Benz multibike garage

Multibike Insurance FAQs

  1. Why choose BeMoto for your Multi-Bike Insurance policy?

    BeMoto is a multi-bike insurance specialist with flexible packages designed around you and your collection. There is no limit to the number or types of bikes we can cover, we will create a package around your needs. Our policies all include Legal Expenses Insurance as standard, plus there are NO fees to make policy changes and our Titanium Cover provides breakdown for all your bikes on a single policy saving you time, hassle and money.

  2. How does Multi-Bike Insurance work?

    You can only use one No Claims Discount (NCD) on one bike policy at a time, so insuring each bike separately can end up being much more expensive when you have to use zero NCD for additional policies.

    At BeMoto we can tailor a multi-bike insurance package to suit your needs using your one lot of NCD, no matter how many bikes you have, what type of bikes are in your garage (we can mix modern and classics) or what the total value of your collection is. We simply work out the main bike premium and add the additional bikes for a fixed cost based on each additional bike value.

    Why not read our article to find out more about how multibike insurance is calculated.

  3. How is a Multi Bike Insurance quote calculated?

    Our multi-bike insurance experts start by calculating which of your motorbikes is the highest rated by our panel of insurers, using the same No Claims Discount (NCD) for each bike. You then pay the premium to insure the highest rated motorbike, which includes your NCD and we add on the other bikes at a nominal cost based on their value.

    As your NCD can't be used on multiple bikes at the same time, the additional bikes are added to your policy at a discounted fixed price on the understanding that only one bike can be ridden at a time, but they could all be stolen together when not in use or a garage fire could destroy them all at the same time - so you are only paying for one lot of road risk whilst still covered for the full value of your collection.

  4. How many bikes can be covered on a Multi-Bike policy?

    At BeMoto there is no limit to the number or variety of bikes we can insure on ourmulti-bike insurance packages as they are tailored to meet your requirements. We can also insure collections on our SORN insurance policy too, wether they have a V5 or not (including unregistered dirt and track bikes).

    We have customers ranging from two bikes to collections with 40+ either in a private garage or storage lock up. So why not give us a call on 01733 907000 and discuss your multi-bike needs with one of our specialists.

    You could also try our multi-bike switching service for larger collections to save you time and hassle as well as saving money...