News and Events

  • BMW Motorrad R5 Hommage

    The original BMW R5 was one of the influential 'sports' motorbikes of the late 1930s and to mark its 80th anniversary BMW Motorrad teamed-up with custom bike builders Ronny and Benny Noren to produce the R5 'Hommage'...

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  • North West 200 2016

    Event on Tuesday 10th May 2016

    The NW200 is attended by an estimated 100,000 visitors from all over the world and watched by over 2million TV viewers, all looking for that adrenaline-fueled buzz that you can only get from road racing in a world obsessed with Health & Safety...

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  • Margate Meltdown 2016

    Event on Monday 30th May 2016

    Famous 50 years ago for Mods and Rockers brawling on Bank Holidays ('Sawdust Caesars​​' as they became known), Margate is once again the destination of bikers on the 30th May 2016 for the 8th Annual Ace Cafe Margate Meltdown...

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