Shoei X-SPR Pro Launched


Shoei X-SPR Pro helmet in white

BeMoto motorcycle insurance looks at the all-new top of the range motorbike helmet from Shoei, designed for high-speed performance riding and used by arguably the very best riders on the planet.

What helmet does the Shoei X-SPR Pro replace?

The Shoei X-Spirit III was the previous range-topping race helmet, used by riders like Tarran Mackenzie, Danny Buchan, Shane Shakey Byrne and of course the Marc Marquez and Alex Marquez in MotoGP

Shoei X-SPR Pro worn by Marc Marquez

What’s new about the Shoei X-SPR Pro

All of it! Every detail of the X-SPR Pro has been carefully designed, tested, and fine-tuned to improve the already outstanding performance of the X-Spirit III. The new design is fully focused on high-performance riding with the aeroform shape providing aerodynamic performance at speeds in excess of 350km/h.

The shape of the helmet went through more than 150 iterations with each design tested in the Shoei wind tunnel facility and then finally on track by the Shoei MotoGP riders – including 8-time world champion Marc Marquez.

The innovation behind the X-SPR Pro is not limited to its exceptional aerodynamic performance.

Revised dimensions around the eye port provide a wider field of vision, particularly important when riding at extreme lean angles.

Shoei X-SPR Pro ventilation diagram

Shoei X-SPR Pro ventilation

The ventilation system is positioned in optimised locations for racing use, the multiple inlet and outlet vents have been developed to deliver the highest ventilation efficiency when riding in the tucked position. The cheek ventilation system has also been significantly improved and now features approximately double the amount of ventilation holes.

Shoei X-SPR Pro visor and visor mechanism

To satisfy the latest ECE 22.06 certification and FIM homologation, the new visor system features a central locking mechanism which is designed to greatly reduce the risk of accidental shield release in the event of impact.

Additionally, the shield base plate section is equipped with a newly designed trigger lock mechanism - Activating this function locks the trigger lever on the base plate, again preventing the shield/visor from opening in the event of an accident.

Shoei X-SPR Pro visor system

Shoei X-SPR Pro fitting

Perfect fit can be achieved using the new independently adjustable modular interior system. Each pad is shaped like a pocket, allowing the rider to customise the fitting to their own head shape, including adjustability at the front and back, and left and right widths. The cheek padding utilises the two different angle adjustment systems, as seen on the X-Spirit III, and the area in contact with the cheek is 16.5% larger – providing a more secure fit at speeds of more than 350km/h.

Shoei X-SPR Pro Hydration system

The X-SPR Pro is also prepared for easy installation of a hydration system.

Shoei X-SPR Pro Sizes

There are four different outer shell sizes (XS-S/ M/ L/ XL-XXL) with cheek pads available in different thicknesses (31, 35, 39, 43 mm)

Shoei X-SPR Pro helmet in black top view

Shoei X-SPR Pro Colour options

  • Black
  • White
  • Matt Black
  • Graphics options will be available in 2023…

Shoei X-SPR Pro Price

Suggested retail price of £699.99 (Plain) and £719.99 (Matt)

Shoei X-SPR Pro helmet in black rear view

You can learn more about the Complete Shoei Helmet Range, including the new X-SPR PRO.

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Marc Marquez earing a Shoei X-SPR Pro helmet on track


Main features

  • ECE 22.06/FIM Certified
  • Integrated spoiler and wings
  • New aerodynamic channels
  • Newly developed rear stabilizer
  • Wider eye port for increased vision
  • CWR-F2R visor with doubled secured visor lock system
  • New completely modular interior system
  • Independently adjustable centre pad system
  • Cheek pad angle adjustment system
  • Ventilation system optimised for high performance riding
  • Multi density EPS liner construction
  • Integrated moulding for hydration system
  • 4 different outer shell constructions


  • Shock-absorbent shell in AIM+
  • Modular EPS liner system with multiple densities
  • Multi-composite & high-performance fibre layers provide a high strength, light weight, and optimal elasticity.
  • Mist-retardant CWR-F2R Pinlock® visor – 2D shape for easy application of tear-offs
  • Double D-Ring
  • E.Q.R.S. security system (Emergency Quick Release System)
  • ECE 22/06 – FIM homologation


  • High performance ventilation
  • Innovative cheek vent system, active cooling even in the lower part of the helmet.
  • 7 closable air inlets & 6 air outlets


  • Sophisticated aerodynamic system
  • Integrated spoiler
  • Rear stabiliser with flaps to provide stability during breaking
  • Vortex generators
  • Lower air spoiler
  • 3% reduction of drag and lift (compared to X-Spirit 3).


  • 4 different outer shell sizes (XS-S/ M/ L/ XL-XXL)
  • Modular centre pad
  • Cheek pads in different thicknesses (31, 35, 39, 43 mm)
  • All pads detachable, washable