Modern Classic: Suzuki RG400 Gamma


BeMoto Insurance came across this rare Suzuki RG400 Gamma Super Sports at a Classic Car event in Oundle, Cambridgeshire in the summer.

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The lesser-spotted RG400 Gamma was the little brother to the RG500 Super Sports bike inspired by the 1984 500GP machine. It was only produced for the domestic Asian market, with 400cc bikes extremely popular in Japan at the time. Very few were ever exported on the grey market, none were produced specifically for export.

Suzuki RG400 Gamma

The RG400 was only manufactured between 1985 and 1987 (‘C’ to ‘E’ Reg in old money) with just over 6,000 total units made across two models - the RG400EW and RG400EW-2.

The liquid cooled square four-cylinder two-stroke (397cc) produced 59bhp @ 9,000 RPM. Suzuki Automatic Exhaust Control (SAEC) managed the power delivery, with servo assisted power valves to vary the volume of the exhaust down pipe at lower revs.

RG400 Gamma Super Sports

RG400 Exhaust

You can pick up a fairly clean one from around £5,500 and upwards for a low mileage UK registered bike... if you can find one.

Length: 2,100mm
Width: 695mm
Height: 1,185mm
Wheelbase: 1,425mm
Dry Weight: 153kg

Find more detail about the bike at Motorcycle Specs - Suzuki RG400 Gamma.

RG400 Specs

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