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Trackday Addicts Facebook group (also known as TDA) was originally set up around 2011 to help track day riders keep in contact with friends away from the track. At the time there wasn't much around apart from internet forums, but these often felt like one-too-many clicks and far too many sub sections, unlike Facebook were it's just a continuous feed and very easy to use.

TDA is a great place to learn from more experienced riders, trade race bikes and parts or simply have a laugh with other members... the BeMoto team are regular visitors to the group, and there are over 40,000 members from all over the globe... making it one of (if not THE) largest trackday groups in the world.

10+ years on and TDA is an online paddock and community where everyone loves bikes, the track, sharing their stories and photos, getting great deals and plenty of banter (which can sometimes be quite ruthless), with the odd bit of advice too.

There are a range of members from complete novices up to seasoned BSB, TT racers and other major classes.

To help support the ever growing community, a TDA website has recently been launched at - "The new TDA website is a single place were we can store useful information like tyre pressures, FAQ's and of course exclusive members offers as well a range of exciting blogs and upcoming events, competitions and Q&A sessions on the group", said a TDA representative. You can also buy TDA merchandise as well.

Ryan Clare Trackday Addicts

Original founder Ryan (right hand side).

Track Insurance for Trackday Addicts Group Members

Make sure you quote reference "TDA" when getting a quote:

  1. Trackday Travel & Repatriation Insurance for overseas emergency medical and repatriation costs
  2. Personal Injury Cover for fractures and hospital stays (cover available for trackday accidents and amateur racing)
  3. Track & Race Bike Theft Insurance when your bike is in the garage or shed (even without a V5) - options for "In Transit" cover when in a van or trailer
  4. Race Van Insurance for your converted van used for carrying bikes and sleeping (not commercial use)
  5. Trackday Bike Damage Insurance for for accidents on track (sensible excess and fair prices), at UK or EU circuits (including Nurburgring)

Motorbikes entering the pit lane at a track day

* Calls may be recorded for our joint protection