Watchlist Wednesday: Suzuki GSX-R 750 R GR71G


Suzuki GSX-R750R GR71G right hand side

When a superbike isn’t super enough as a platform for a successful race bike, manufacturers create special edition, no-compromised, extra exotica versions of their regular race bike on the road.

Back in the 80s and, to a lesser extent, the 1990s was a high point for such machines as each new 750cc sportsbike became the base for a WSBK or endurance racer. In order for these machines to qualify production-based race series, a certain quantity of them was required to be built with lights and mirrors on, even if most were destined for the track and the road kit put in the bin.

Suzuki GSX-R750R GR71G left hand side

Often these bikes sported extra ‘Rs’ in their names and were spec’d out with things like close ratio gearboxes, adjustable swingarm pivots and single seats.

We all know what a Honda VFR750R RC-30 and Yamaha FZR750RR OW01 are all about, even the Kawasaki ZXR750K for that matter. But Suzuki never really stole the headlines with their limited edition race ready offerings and this is reflected in the market prices.

Suzuki GSX-R750R GR71G rear

RC-30s now push £30K plus, and an OW-01 will be around £10,000 cheaper when they appear, looking for new homes when someone is trying to buy a new home.

The GSX-R750 GR71G is for me the far more interesting option. When it was released in 1986 it cost a massive 40% more than the standard GSX-R750G model, making it the most expensive Japanese sport-bike money could buy that year. In today’s world, a good example is cheaper than its 750 competition and can be had for the price of a mint Yamaha RD350LC.

Suzuki GSX-R750R GR71G clocks display dash rev counter speedo fuel gauge

Dripping with nips and tucks (see full list below) over the base GSX-R750 that range from no nonsense race bodywork and superior suspension to a dry clutch that rings like a bicycle bell and the all important close ratio gearbox.

Only 500 Racing homologation Limited Edition models were manufactured worldwide, with 350 made for the US, Canada & Europe in red, white & blue livery, and only 150 for the Japanese market in red & grey Yoshimura livery.

Suzuki GSX-R750R GR71G front brake disc calipers wheel forks suspension

These bikes rarely appear for sale, and will always come from an owner that knows his onions. This one for sale at £11,999 didn't hang about for long…


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Suzuki GSX-R750R GR71G Limited Edition specification

Unique items that differentiate this model from the standard GSX-R750G model:

  • Dry clutch system
  • Close-ratio 6 speed transmission
  • 29mm flat-slide carbs
  • 19 litre steel petrol tank
  • Fibreglass solo rear bodywork with single racing seat
  • Side bodywork utilizing Dzus quick release fasteners
  • Magnesium clutch and actuator housing & sprocket cover for reduced weight
  • Cable operated clutch actuation rather than hydraulic, offering greater feel and lighter weight
  • Suspension features the 1986 GSX-R1100's electronically-controlled NEAS anti-dive forks, rims, brake calipers & larger 310mm floating discs
  • Specially designed front brake hoses
  • Unique "3 point" steering damper
  • Broader clip on handlebars
  • Longer swingarm (1”) which is also fitted with threaded inserts & bobbins for a paddock stand
  • Aluminium-bodied shock absorber with remote gas-charged reservoir (upgraded with Ohlins shock & reservoir on this bike)
  • Gold plated chain
  • Heel guards
  • Unique “Limited Edition only” chain guard
  • Bar-end weights
  • Adjustable clutch lever
  • Visually machined top triple clamp
  • Changes to the bodywork to improve cooling
  • Included with each new bike purchase were 2 complete sets of racing numbers

Suzuki GSX-R750R GR71G Limited Edition ‘Yoshimura Red & Grey’ specifications

In addition to all the above, the Japanese version with red & grey Yoshimura livery, also features;

  • Fuel gauge
  • Headlight kill switch
  • Tinted turn signal lenses
  • Japanese-spec city lights
  • Unique black four-into-one "Ray Gun" exhaust system & aluminium exhaust hanger (not the usual GSX-R exhaust with slotted heat shield)Suzuki GSX-R750R GR71G engine close up