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  • Why Honda Love the V4

    Soichiro Honda himself declared it the perfect engine for powering a motorbike (he hated two-strokes and famously compared the engine to a bamboo rod with holes in). But the reason the V4 came to be Honda’s favoured engine has a more practical origin...

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  • Honda Motor Co.

    The companies’ founder, life-long petrol head and engineer Soichiro Honda, launched the first proper Honda motorcycle, the D-Type (Dream) 2-stroke 98cc in 1949. The company has consistently been the largest manufacturer of motorcycles since the ‘60s...

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  • Yamaha Motor Company

    Torakusu Yamaha, was born in 1851 in Nagasaki, Japan. Having studied engineering, he eventually turned his skills to making musical instruments. This required many hours of fine-tuning, hence the three tuning forks in the Yamaha logo...

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