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  • Yamaha RD500 2016 Concept

    In a market dominated by the four-stroke motor, it’s easy to forget that big strokers once roamed the roads, leaving beautiful plumes of smoke in their wake. Originally created for Performance Bikes magazine, this virtual RD500 CGI gets a BeMoto update for 2016...

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  • Margate Meltdown 2016

    Event on Monday 30th May 2016

    Famous 50 years ago for Mods and Rockers brawling on Bank Holidays ('Sawdust Caesars​​' as they became known), Margate is once again the destination of bikers on the 30th May 2016 for the 8th Annual Ace Cafe Margate Meltdown...

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  • Why Honda Love the V4

    Soichiro Honda himself declared it the perfect engine for powering a motorbike (he hated two-strokes and famously compared the engine to a bamboo rod with holes in). But the reason the V4 came to be Honda’s favoured engine has a more practical origin...

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  • Honda Motor Co.

    The companies’ founder, life-long petrol head and engineer Soichiro Honda, launched the first proper Honda motorcycle, the D-Type (Dream) 2-stroke 98cc in 1949. The company has consistently been the largest manufacturer of motorcycles since the ‘60s...

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  • Yamaha Motor Company

    Torakusu Yamaha, was born in 1851 in Nagasaki, Japan. Having studied engineering, he eventually turned his skills to making musical instruments. This required many hours of fine-tuning, hence the three tuning forks in the Yamaha logo...

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