Dirt Bike Insurance Products

Insurance designed for Dirt Bike riders and racers...

As bikers we have created a range of products for dirt bike riders to insure their off-road machine against Fire & Theft or to protect themselves against personal injury - including Enduro, Motocross, Trials, Scramblers and Quads.

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1. Dirt Bike Fire and Theft Insurance

Dirt Bike Fire and Theft Insurance

Fire & Theft Insurance for any bike type when in a locked building or 'In Transit' (no V5 required).

2. Off-Road Sports Injury Insurance

Dirt Bike Sports Injury Insurance

Payments for fractures, dislocations, hospitalisation or death including racing.

3. Dirt Bike Travel and Repatriation Insurance

Dirt Bike Travel Insurance

Insurance for emergency medical expenses and repatriation at overseas off road events.

4. Quad Bike Insurance (on and off road)

Quad Bike Insurance

Insurance for road-legal quad bikes, ATV and Buggies including sport quads and utility quads.

5. Race Van Insurance

Race Van Insurance

Save money compared to commercial van insurance if your van is used mainly for social use, including transporting your bike to and from circuits or if you've converted it into a "Race Van".

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