GAP Insurance Products

Your main road insurance will usually only pay the 'market value' of your bike at the time of the loss, which over time can leave a gap due to depreciation when you try to replace it or worse you could be left with an outstanding loan to settle, despite no longer having the motorcycle to use.

BeMoto Guaranteed Asset Protection ("GAP" insurance) protects you from financial losses if your motorcycle is declared a write-off / 'total loss' following an insurance claim - usually due to an accident or theft.

Policies only available for bikes purchased from a VAT registered motorcycle dealership or garage within the last 180 days (for bikes up to 8 years old with no more than 120k miles on the clock).

BeMoto GAP Insurance is for motorbikes only, i.e. NOT for scooters, quads or trikes.

Motorcycle Invoice Gap Insurance

  • NEW bikes bought from a dealership in the last 180 days
  • Return to INVOICE including dealer fitted accessories
  • Factory fitted options covered in full
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Used Motorcycle GAP Insurance

  • USED bikes (up to 8 years old) bought from a dealership
  • Return to INVOICE for bikes bought less than 180 days ago
  • NO exclusions for modified bikes (factory options covered)
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For further information and help choosing between the two policy types we offer, read our Motorbike GAP Insurance blog.