How is multi bike insurance calculated?

Multi bike insurance is a cost effective and time saving way to cover more than one bike under a single package, offering a much simpler, more convenient and cost-effective way to keep your prized collection protected. It’s calculated in a much fairer way too. We know you can only ride one bike at a time, so why pay more for multiple full-price insurance policies?

Here at BeMoto, we're not only insurance specialists, but we’re also bikers ourselves with our own bike collections. Therefore, we know how to get the best-value cover for our customers and have created multi-bike policies to really suit the needs of fellow enthusiasts.

But, how is a multi-bike quote calculated and is it really the most cost-effective way to insure your collection of bikes? Our latest blog reveals all...

Calculating a multi bike insurance quote is actually quite simple

Our insurance specialists start by working out which bike in your collection is the 'highest rated' (in other words the most expensive to insure), using the same No Claims Discount (NCD) for each bike. You then pay the price to insure the highest rated bike, which includes your NCD.

As the same NCD cannot be used on additional bikes, they are added to the policy at a fixed cost based on their age, type and value.

Additional bikes are calculated at a discounted rate with the understanding that only one bike can be ridden at any one time - whilst you can't ride them all at the same time there is still a fire and theft risk when all stored together in the same location for example.

Multiple bikes being ridden by multiple riders at the same time risk more than one claim being made, which means separate full-price policies are required, in other words you can only have:

  • Multiple bikes with only one insured rider (‘multi-bike’ policy); or
  • A single bike policy with multiple insured / named riders.

An example multi-bike calculation:

A rider would like a quote for two bikes.

Using the same NCD, we work out premiums for each bike to see which one is the highest rated to become the main bike that will use the NCD (bike 1):

Infographic showing how Multibike Insurance is Calculated

As the same NCD cannot be used on Bike 2, we calculate it based on its value – in this case £60, for example, to add it to Bike 1. Therefore, the total multi bike cost in this instance is £260.

As two separate policies, this would have been a different story.

Bike 1 with NCD would remain at £200. However, the second bike would be quoted separately with zero NCD and would cost £300 on its own. The total price would therefore be £500.

BeMoto saves our customer a whopping £240 with a multibike deal.

Leading multi bike insurance

As bikers with our own multi-bike collections, we understand that you can only ride one bike at a time, but still want the freedom and flexibility to choose which one you take out.

Therefore, we have created the most competitive multi bike insurance deals on the market with key features, including:

  • 90 days of EU cover per trip
  • Legal Expenses Insurance covering up to £100,000
  • Cover for a mix of modern and classic bikes on one policy
  • Cover for a mix of bikes, including mopeds, dirt bikes, quads and trikes
  • One of the lowest interest rates (also known as ‘APR’) in the industry for monthly payments
  • And... NO charges for making mid-term policy amendments!

We also understand that in some cases multi bike insurance policies might not be suited to your needs, for example where you want a named rider as well. In these circumstances, we offer introductory NCD and other methods of discounting multiple policies for loyal customers.

Whether your bikes are for road use, laid-up or unregistered bikes, standard spec or heavily modified, BeMoto can tailor a multi bike deal to suit your exact needs.

Find out more about the benefits of multi bike insurance.

Multi-bike collection in a garage

Multi Bike Insurance FAQs

  1. Why choose BeMoto for your Multi-Bike Insurance policy?

    BeMoto is a multi-bike insurance specialist with flexible packages designed around you and your collection. There are no limits to the number or types of bikes we can cover. Our policies all include Legal Expenses, NO fees to make policy changes and our Titanium Cover provides breakdown for all your bikes a single policy.

  2. How is a Multi Bike Insurance quote calculated?

    Our multi-bike insurance experts start by calculating which motorbike is the highest rated by our insurer panel, using the same No Claims Bonus (NCB) for each bike. You then pay the premium to insure the highest rated motorbike, which includes your NCB.

    As your NCB can't be used on multiple bikes, the additional bikes are added to your policy at a discounted fixed price on the understanding that only one bike can be ridden at a time, but they could all be stolen together when not in use.

  3. How much does Multi Bike Insurance cost?

    BeMoto multi-bike insurance typically costs around £40-60 per additional bike, once the main bike premium is calculated. This can increase for higher value bikes, but it can also be much cheaper for classic bikes that are generally much lower risk.

  4. How does Multi-Bike Insurance work?

    At BeMoto we have a number of multi-bike insurance packages designed to suit your needs, no matter what type or value of bike you have. We simply work out the main bike premium and add the additional bikes for a fixed fee based on your bikes value.