Insurance Switching Service

There's got to be a better way....

If you have a growing bike collection and need multi bike insurance it can be frustrating spending hours on the phone with various brokers trying to get quotes. We know what this is like as multi-bike owners ourselves, although clearly we are biased towards BeMoto!

We have tried to make this process less painful with out Switching Service for multibike collections and heavily modified bikes where you can fill in a quote request form at your leisure in front of the TV at midnight rather than calling us during your working hours - send it back to us with photos or lists of bikes / modifications and we'll do the work to get a quote and call you back.

Fill in this form (send photos if convenient as well): DOWNLOAD MULTIBIKE QUOTE FORM

Alternatively, you can just send us your current insurance documents and we will copy all the information over to our system behind the scenes.

Clearly if you want to buy the policy, we will call you to run through everything (there are T&Cs plus we will need to verify the information we have is correct), but this way you get a quote with minimal fuss and less time on the phone.

Multibike Switching Service

The multibike switching form is simply a Word document with all the usual questions we ask about you, plus a page for each bike you want to add (no limit to the number of mix of bikes, just fill them all in).

Alternatively send us your current renewal invitation documents or insurance pack received from your current insurer.

Once we have worked out a price we will email you and/or call you to discuss it - hopefully saving you time, effort and money so you can spend your time riding and your money on more parts ;-)

Multibike Switching Service infographic

Modified Bike Switching Service

We love modified and custom bikes. We are specialists in modified bike insurance.

If you have a heavily modified bike it can take a while to run through all the mods over the phone, assuming you can remember them all if your bike is not in front of you. Why not send us some photos and a list of mods along with your current insurance documents from another broker and we will enter it all in our system for you.

If you are happy with the quote we email or call you with, you can then spend your valuable time setting it up with us, if not you haven't wasted much time.

Modified Bike Insurance switching servive infographic

It is important that the information you provide us is complete and accurate. We will run through all details during the set up process to check this if you choose to buy. The time saved is getting a quote that you may not proceed with.