Motorbike Insurance


As bikers we believe in treating other bikers fairly with excellent value for money and a first class biker experience. That’s why WE DON'T CHARGE A BROKER ‘AMENDMENT FEE’ if you call us to make a change to your policy, such as swapping your bike or moving house (a fair usage policy does apply and the insurer may charge an additional premium for the new risk).

Upgrade to Titanium Cover for around only £40 more...

Incredible quality and value product upgrade available for motorbikes and trikes (not quads) on all cover levels: Third Party Only (TPO), Third Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) and Comprehensive.

REMEMBER: We don't charge a broker fee to make policy changes !!

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EU Cover Extension (90-days per trip)
24 Hour Claims Helpline
Motor Legal Advice Helpline
Legal Expenses (£100,000)
Personal Accident (£20,000) Add for £30
Helmet & Leathers (£1,500) Add for £20
RAC Breakdown (UK & Europe) N/A
Excess Contribution (£250) Add for £20 Add for £20
Excess Contribution (£500) Add for £30 Add for £30

For a more detailed look at our Titanium Cover overview click this link.

What makes BeMoto Insurance Different?

BeMoto Motorbike Insurance is owned and run by Bikers. That makes us very unique and positively different.

We have access to a wide variety of schemes and only work with the UK’s most trusted insurance underwriters. Furthermore we have designed our own products: Carbon Cover & Titanium Cover, providing you with a choice of cover to reflect your needs. Our Titanium Cover offers incredible benefits for very little extra money.

Being bikers ourselves, we truly understand that the market is wide and diverse. Whether you are a Provisional rider and looking to insure a Scooter or Moped for the first time or are an experienced rider with a full Category A Motorcycle Licence and decades of experience, then make sure you contact us for a quote.

Being Bikers we also understand how to insure modified motorbikes and realise very little bikes are left in their standard, off the production line, form. We certainly can’t think of a bike that we have owned that hasn’t had at least a little personalised touch! Unlike some products, our modified bike insurance reinstates your declared modifications, as long as you have told us about them. It’s always better to call us, whether you think it is a small change or not - that way you can rest assured that your motorbike is properly covered.

We offer incredible Multi Bike Insurance propositions. We realise that you can only ride one bike at a time so we reflect that in our prices. If you have multiple bikes then the chances are that we can save you money. We don’t just cover modern bikes, we also have unique schemes for Vintage, Classic and Modern Classic Bike Insurance - we can arrange insurance for even the most diverse of collections.

Looking for cover for yourself and named riders? Make sure you call BeMoto for a Multi-Rider Insurance quote. We realise that there are a large number of instances where it is useful to add riders on to your policy - whether the named rider is a mate, a partner or family member we have no problem in adding them to your policy.

Insurance for a wide variety of motorbikes

Moped Insurance - We offer insurance for a vast range of mopeds, whether you have a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke, a geared moped or a twist & go, a new moped or a classic moped - we can help you to save money on your Moped Insurance.

Scooter Insurance - We recognise that not all scooters and scooter riders are the same.

Whether you have a 50cc, a 125cc, a larger Maxi Scooter, a modern scooter or a Classic Scooter - we have access to a wide range of insurance schemes to arrange your Scooter Insurance.

Sportsbike Insurance & Superbike Insurance - We have a real passion for sports bikes, having ourselves owned pretty much every engine size and configuration! Whether you need Insurance for your 80’s 250cc two-stroke, your 90’s 400cc four-stroke screamer, your 600cc Supersports bike or your larger capacity Superbike then call us for a quote. We specialise in Supersports Insurance and Superbike Insurance.

Naked Bike Insurance - Whether you have the latest hardcore super-naked such as the Aprilia Tuono V4 used for those sunny summer days, or you have a trusted and reliable work horse such as an early Suzuki Bandit that you use to beat the traffic to get to and from work - we can tailor your Naked Bike Insurance to your specific needs.

Off Road and Dirt Bike Insurance - The off-road style segment of the motorcycle market is diverse. Whether you have a full on motocross bike that is used in competitions and need Fire & Theft Insurance or you have an Adventure Bike used for those long European Tours and require road insurance with European Breakdown Cover we offer a wide range of Insurance Products to protect you and your pride and joy. If your require Trials Bike Insurance, Enduro Bike Insurance, Adventure Bike Insurance or Motocross Bike Insurance then make sure you call BeMoto for a tailored Dirt Bike Insurance quote today.

We also have ATV products for Quad Bike Insurance and Road-Legal Buggy Insurance.

Cruiser and Custom Bike Insurance - Cruiser Bike Insurance and Custom Bike Insurance. We can insure a vast range of Cruiser and Custom Motorbikes of pretty much any value. Whether the motorbike is as standard as it was since it left the production line or is heavily customised/modified we have specialist motorbike insurance schemes to insure your pride and joy.

* Calls may be recorded for our joint protection.

Motorbike Insurance FAQs

  1. What types of motorcycle can I insure?

    BeMoto is owned by bikers with an experienced team and a very wide range of products that cover all types of motorcycles. We particularly love modified bikes and multi-bike collections, as well as off-road bikes for track and dirt. Check out our range including:

    To name a few...

  2. Does my policy cover me for riding other motorcycles?

    It is quite common to get cover for Riding Other Bikes (third party cover only within the UK) included in BeMoto motorbike insurance policies, however this can vary depending on factors, for example: your bikes engine size, the type of cover you have chosen or your occupation.

    Please check with our insurance representative to see if this cover applies to you. It is best to check this when you get a quote, take out or renew your policy as it may require us to change the insurer we use for your policy to get this cover if it is important to you.

    It will show on your Certificate of Insurance if you have this cover.

  3. What is No Claims Discount (NCD)?

    A No Claims Discount (NCD), or No Claims Bonus (NCB), is a count of the number of years in which you haven’t made a claim on your motorcycle insurance policy. For each claim free year you will be awarded 1 years NCD. Accumulating NCD may help to reduce your premium as well as opening up an insurer's acceptability to insure you on certain motorcycles.

    Your NCD needs to have been earned on a UK motorcycle insurance policy, be no more than 2 years old and be available to use (you can't use it on more than one policy).

    When you have 4 or more years NCD you can add NCD Protection for an additional premium.

    Please see Section titled ‘No Claims Discount (NCD)’ of your Policy Document for more details.

  4. Does my motorcycle insurance policy cover me for riding abroad?

    BeMoto motorcycle insurance covers you to legally ride in any country which is a member of the European Union and any country which meets Article 8 of EC Directive number 2009/103/EC (insuring civil liabilities arising from using a motor vehicle).

    • Third Party Only Cover is included as standard in these countries;
    • We also extend your cover for up to 90-days per trip for Fire & Theft (where you have TPFT cover) or Fire, Theft & Accidental Damage (where you have Comprehensive cover).

    However, post-Brexit you may need a BeMoto Green Card to ride in Europe and other paperwork like an International Drivers Permit (IDP) from the Post Office.

  5. Can you insure two or more motorbikes on one policy?

    As bike insurance specialists, BeMoto can insure any number of bikes as a multibike insurance package, including mixing modern and classics, road use and SORN bikes etc.

    You cannot have multiple riders on a multibike insurance policy, so you get significant discounts on any additional bikes - afterall you can only ride one bike at a time.

    See our feature on how multi-bike insurance is calculated.