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Unbelievable Motorbike Insurance Cover

As bikers we believe in treating other bikers fairly with excellent value for money and a first-class biker experience. That’s why WE DON’T CHARGE A BROKER ‘AMENDMENT FEE’ if you call us to make a change to your motorcycle policy, such as swapping your bike or moving house (a fair usage policy does apply and the insurer may charge an additional premium for the new risk).

We are on a mission to tackle the common disadvantages and misconceptions when it comes to getting the best motorcycle insurance. We don’t charge broker fees for you to make changes to your policy when you are with us, so when you compare motorbike insurance, we think you’ll see this can make quite a difference. We like to tinker with our bikes, and we don’t think you should be penalised for doing so. We also know that it isn’t alien to move home or change jobs, so why on earth should you pay £25-40 (on average) for the privilege? This is usually how the cheapest bike insurance soon becomes a lot more expensive.

Our products are designed to look after you in the best way possible and at BeMoto we can tailor your motorbike insurance to your exact needs and save you the time and effort of having to compare the market.

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Bemoto - Policy changes with no admin fee

No admin fees to make policy changes.

The most comprehensive cover for you and your bike

  • Titanium Cover for only £45 more

  • Titanium

  • Carbon

  • Bemoto - EU cover extension

    EU Cover extension (90-days per trip)

  • Bemoto - 24 Hour claims

    24 hour claims helpline

  • Bemoto - Legal advice helpline

    Motor legal advice helpline

  • Bemoto - Cover with Legal cover expenses

    Legal expenses (£100,000)

  • Bemoto - Personal Accident Cover

    Personal Accident (£15,000)

  • +£20
  • Bemoto - Motorbike helment

    Helmet and leathers (£1,500)

  • +£30
  • Bemoto - Including RAC breakdown cover

    RAC Breakdown (UK & Europe)

  • N/A
  • Bemoto - £250 Excess contribution

    Excess Contribution (£250)

  • +£20
  • +£20
  • Bemoto - £500 Excess contribution

    Excess Contribution (£500)

  • +£25
  • +£25
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  • Bemoto - Personal Accident Cover
  • Bemoto - Motorbike helment
  • Bemoto - Including RAC breakdown cover
  • Bemoto - Cover with Legal cover expenses

Why Titanium Cover?

We don’t believe in charging you a handsome sum for simple extras. Instead, we have negotiated great rates and bundled the extras together into a great value package… Titanium Cover.

All of our policies start with market leading cover, including 90-days European cover (per trip) and FREE legal expenses insurance that covers you up to £100,000 of legal fees. These are not ‘extras’ to us, these are something we include as STANDARD. As mentioned above, we also don’t charge broker fees for you to make changes to your policy. This is our standard approach.

With our Titanium Cover we offer an industry-leading package of benefits in one simple policy at great value. This includes full UK and European RAC Breakdown cover, Helmet & Leathers cover up to £1,500 and £15,000 Personal Accident cover.

You can also choose to add other fantastic products that not only afford great protection but are also exceptional value too. Our Excess Contribution cover gives you the option to protect some or all of your insurance excess in the event of a successful claim. Our Licence Defence cover gives you peace of mind if you are investigated or reported for traffic offences. Our motor legal experts will ensure that you get personalised legal advice, particularly important if you feel you have been dealt with unfairly, or if you have made a mistake that could have costly implications.

Want to know more?

Cover for all the main brands and many more!

What can I expect from my motorbike insurance?

'Cracking value multi bike policy!' A really good value multi bike policy, easy to talk to UK based advisors that I can understand & generally easy to deal with. For the first time in years I also got a renewal quote that was less than the previous years quote!! Happy with a company that doesn't automatically increase the premium by at least 25% on the renewal letter like most insurers seem to do. Well done Bemoto!

Annoyed at paying amendment fees for simple changes?

Admin fees for policy changes are always an unwelcome surprise… We don’t like it when we get hit with amendment fees ourselves, so we just don’t charge them!

We also don’t like predictable renewal-time price increases. Each renewal quote is manually reviewed and calculated to offer you the best bike insurance renewal quote we can, with no automatic price increases like some of our competitors.

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Have you previously had issues adding a second bike?

Having more than one bike shouldn’t be a disadvantage when it comes to insurance. With our multibike insurance switching service, you can begin a policy with just one bike and add as many bikes as you like, whenever you like.

As multi-bike specialists you know that you are in good hands if you’re lucky enough to add a bike later on to your collection, saving you time, hassle and money.

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switching Bemoto - Go multi-bike switch in no time service

Got a heavily modified bike with no time to discuss it?

  • 1

    Share your insurance or renewal documents with a full list of your modifications and a couple of pics.

  • 2

    One of our expert team will build a quote for you

  • 3

    We will explain the options to you

  • 4

    Make the switch

Bemoto - Get in contact with a human

Speak to a human
(not an insurance robot)

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Bemoto - Multi-bike policies

Modified Bike Insurance

Being Bikers we also understand how to insure modified motorbikes and realise very little bikes are left in their standard, off the production line, form. We certainly can’t think of a bike that we have owned that hasn’t had at least a little personalised touch! Unlike some products, our modified bike insurance reinstates your declared modifications, as long as you have told us about them. It’s always better to call us, whether you think it is a small change or not — that way you can rest assured that your motorbike is properly covered.

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Motorbike Insurance FAQs

  1. Who is best for motorcycle insurance?

    That's easy. We think BeMoto are the best for motorbike insurance.

    • Privately owned and run by bikers (not some faceless corporation).
    • NO amendment fees to make policy changes!
    • Legal Expenses Insurance included with all road policies.
    • Modifications experts (we actually cover declared modifications too).
    • 90-days European cover per trip
    • 5-star rated service (the best scores on multiple review sites)
    • Multi-bike specialists for any bike type, value, age including modern and classics
  2. Who has the cheapest motorcycle insurance?

    It's a subjective question but if you're looking for the cheapest price and not bothered about the quality of cover then a comparison place will answer this question.

    However if you care about you and your bike(s) being covered with good quality products and receiving awesome service then BeMoto is widely recognised as offering these benefits... Plus we are competitive, otherwise we wouldn't have thousands of satisfied customers on our books.

    • NO amendment fees for policy changes at BeMoto (cheap can come at a cost later on elsewhere)
    • Legal Expenses Insurance included with all road policies
    • Incredible value Titanium Cover (market leading cover)
    • Multi-Bike specialists for all bike types
  3. How can I get cheaper motorbike insurance?

    Clearly it's not as easy to change some things that affect your motorbike insurance premiums, like your age or where you live, but there are things you can do to cut the cost of your bike insurance policy, such as:

    • Choose a broker like BeMoto who don't charge you amendment fees to make policy changes (it's not all about the up-front cost).
    • Improve your bike's security, for example installing an approved alarm or tracker.
    • Keep your bike in a locked building, even if it's only a wooden shed, outbuilding or in your home conservatory if you don't have a traditional garage (subject to some building security).
    • Think about the mileage you really need, e.g. why pay for 10,000 miles when you only use it on sunny Sundays? However at BeMoto as we don't charge you an amendment fee you can increase your mileage later if needed with minimal hassle.
    • Pay for cover annually rather than pay instalment interest - however ours is one of the lowest interest rates in the market if you need to pay monthly.
    • Combine your bike collection together on a multi-bike policy, afterall you can only use your no claims bonus once and you can only ride one bike at a time...
    • Pass an advanced riding qualification such as the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) and RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Training.
    • Choose the right bike for your experience, type of use and where you live, i.e. if you have no prior riding experience maybe aim for a well recognised starter bike like a 600cc naked/commuter vs. a high performance sports bike or hyper-naked, likewise a high value bike will often require a locked building.
    • Increasing your voluntary excess often gives better discounts, but you need to be sure you can afford to lose that money in the event of a claim.

    Why not check out our article on how bike insurance is calculated for more information.

  4. Can you insure two or more motorbikes on one policy?

    As bike insurance specialists, BeMoto can insure any number of motorbikes as a multibike insurance package, including mixing modern and classics, road use and SORN bikes etc. Typically, you cannot have multiple riders on a multibike insurance policy, so you get significant discounts on any additional bikes - afterall you can only ride one bike at a time - however if you have a household of riders and bikes we can also work with you to create a package that gives you the best of both worlds.

    See our feature on how multi-bike insurance is calculated.