No Admin Fees To Make Changes

Motorcycle Insurance Amendment Fees: There's no escaping them... Unless you're with BeMoto

We don't charge Motorcycle Insurance Amendment fees

Why? Because BeMoto is owned and run by bikers. Those fees tick us off as bikers, so why would we want to upset other bikers by charging them when we can’t stand them ourselves?

Plus, we believe in treating other bikers fairly and don't want to put barriers in the way of you making mid-term changes, including changing your bike, moving home, adding modifications etc.

We don't charge amendment fees to replace or remove bikes from our multi bike insurance policies either...

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What are Motorcycle Insurance Amendment Fees?

This is the amount a broker or insurer will charge you to cover the cost of any changes to your policy, in addition to the change in policy premium by the underwriter. Changes such as modifications, changing a bike or moving address will attract additional charges - unless you're with BeMoto - we simply pass on any change in insurer premiums (which could be a refund), but do not charge a fee for this service ourselves.

How much are Motorcycle Insurance Admin Fees?

Well they do vary, however we’ve compiled a helpful table here so you can see some of the fees charged by others.

CompetitorAmendment FeeBeMoto Amendment Fee :-)
BennettsUp to £32Zero
Carole Nash£37.50Nil
GoSkippy£25 to £50Zilch
Hastings DirectUp to £30Zip
Mackenzie Hodgson£30Nothing
MCE£17.50 - £40.50Squat

Will BeMoto ever charge me an insurance amendment fee?

We don’t plan to! We do have a fair use policy (see our Terms of Business), meaning that if you modify your bike each week or phone us everyday, we’ll have no choice. That said, we’ve not yet charged ANYBODY an amendment fee in 5 years…

Why don’t BeMoto charge insurance amendment fees?

Well, if you’ve seen our “Size Doesn’t Matter” advert, you’ll know that we are small but perfectly formed. We are an efficient and lean bike insurance machine. We save money on our business operations so we don’t need to charge you fees to make changes.

Besides that, WE DON’T WANT TO!

If you are comparing motorbike insurance and don't want penalising for going about your biking life, call us on 01733 907000 and we'll look after you!

Details correct at time of publishing on 17/08/2021