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Personal Accident keeps on protecting you 24/7:

  • At HOME and WORK
  • When playing SPORTS
  • Even when you TRAVEL
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Motorcycle Injury Insurance: On and Off Road

Benefit from worldwide protection, 24 hours a day. Your policy could help meet your existing financial commitments, and any other additional expenses you might incur if you are injured in an accident. From small fractures to life changing injuries with up to £500,000 TAX FREE lump sum payouts.

  • Guaranteed acceptance with no underwriting
  • Immediate cover to protect your lifestyle
  • Simple prices for riders aged 16+ (benefits are halved once you reach 75 years old)
  • You can add children with family cover (children under 16 benefits are reduced)

And that's not all... BeMoto Motorcycle Personal Accident keeps on protecting you at WORK, when playing SPORTS or when you TRAVEL abroad - including winter sports and many other activities.

Our sports injury insurance helps put handy tax free cash in your pocket and contribute towards out-of-pocket expenses, e.g. if you're self employed and off work, or should the worst happen, leave your loved one's some extra cash with up to £200,000 Accidental Death benefit.

You can even add your partner and all of your dependant children that permanently reside with you (subject to age limits); cover the whole family for an additional premium (children get reduced benefit levels).

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How much personal injury cover do I get?

Table of Benefits (Individual Cover)BRONZE £3.96 per monthSILVER £9.90 per monthGOLD £19.80 per month
1. Quadriplegia *£100,000£250,000£500,000
2. Paraplegia *£50,000£125,000£250,000
3. Permanent Total Disablement (PTD) # *£40,000£100,000£200,000
4. Accidental Death *£40,000£100,000£200,000
5 (a). Loss of hearing in both ears£20,000£50,000£100,000
(b). Loss of hearing in one ear£10,000£25,000£50,000
6 (a). Loss of sight of both eyes *£40,000£100,000£200,000
(b). Loss of sight of one eye£20,000£50,000£100,000
(c). Total loss of the lens of one eye£10,000£25,000£50,000
7 (a). Loss of use of shoulder£16,000£40,000£80,000
(b). Loss of use of hip£8,000£20,000£40,000
(c). Loss of use of knee£8,000£20,000£40,000
(d). Loss of use of wrist£8,000£20,000£40,000
(e). Loss of use of elbow£8,000£20,000£40,000
8. Loss of limb - both hands and feet *£40,000£100,000£200,000
9. Loss of limb - one hand or foot£20,000£50,000£100,000
10. Permanent loss by severance or Loss of use of four fingers and thumb of either hand£16,000£40,000£80,000
11. Permanent loss by severance or Loss of use of four fingers of either hand£8,000£20,000£40,000
12. Permanent loss by severance or Loss of use of one thumb of either hand:---
(a). Both joints£8,000£20,000£40,000
(b). One Joint£4,000£10,000£20,000
13. Permanent loss by severance or Loss of use of fingers on either hand:---
(a). Three joints£2,000£5,000£10,000
(b). Two joints£1,400£3,500£7,000
(c). One joint£800£2,000£4,000
14. Permanent loss by severance or Loss of use of toes on either foot:---
(a). All – one foot£6,000£15,000£30,000
(b). Big – both joints£2,000£5,000£10,000
(c). Big - One joint£800£2,000£4,000
(d). Other than big, each toe£800£2,000£4,000
15. Fracture or fractures of one or more bones of the arm (humerus, radius and ulna)£200£500£1,000
16. Fracture or fractures of one or more bones of the leg (femur, patella, tibia and fibula)£400£1,000£2,000
17. Fracture or fractures of one or more bones of the wrist£200£500£1,000
18. Fracture or fractures of one or more bones of the ankle£400£1,000£2,000
19. Full thickness burns which cover---
(a). 27% or more of the body surface£4,000£10,000£20,000
(b). 18% or more but less than 27% of the body surface£3,200£8,000£16,000
(c). 9% or more but less than 18% of the body surface£2,400£6,000£12,000
(d). 4.5% or more but less than 9% of the body surface£1,600£4,000£8,000
20. In-patient hospitalisation overnight (max. 104 weeks)£150 per week£375 per week£750 per week

* Policy terminates when Benefit payment is made under item

# PTD which lasts for 52 consecutive weeks and will in all probability prevent the Insured from engaging in gainful employment of any and every kind for the remainder of their life.

Read the Motorcycle Personal Accident Policy Documents here.

How much will personal injury insurance cost me?

Biker Injury Plans - Pricing (per month)BronzeSilverGold
Personal Accident - Individual Cover£3.96£9.90£19.80
Personal Accident - Family Cover£7.92£19.80£39.60

Motorbike Sports insurance cover from only £3.96 per month... That's not even 15p per day (less than the price of a newspaper)!

Add your partner and dependant children (that live with you)...

You can add your children and/or permanent partner with Family Cover. All Children to be covered must permanently reside with the you and up to the age of 18 years (23 if unmarried and in full time education).

Any Insured Person under the age of 16 at the date of the Accident shall be entitled to 50% of the amount shown in the Table of Benefits, except for the entitlement under item 4 – Accidental Death - which shall be limited to £2,500 irrespective of the level of cover purchased.

Children under 30 days are not covered.

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Examples of Motorcycle Activities Covered by this Insurance:

  • Motorcycle Couriers & Despatch Riders
  • Motorbike commuters
  • Bike Trackdays (UK & overseas circuits)
  • Adventure riding
  • Green Laning & Enduro
  • Quad biking & ATVs

Cover for all your biking needs...

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