Motorcycle Sports Injury Insurance

  • Tax-Free Payments for Injuries and Death
  • Motorcycle Track Days and Amateur Racing
  • No long term committments - Single Events
  • Wheelie Schools and Superbike Schools
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Personal Injury Cover for trackdays and amateur racing

Our Personal Injury Cover for motorcycle sports and activities helps put handy tax-free cash in your pocket. It can contribute towards out-of-pocket expenses if you're injured on track or whilst participating in selected motorcycle activities on private land, e.g. if you're self employed and off work due to a fracture, or should the worst happen, leave your loved one's some extra cash with £15,000 Accidental Death benefit.

You can buy this policy for a single day event, such as a one-off trackday or amateur race in the UK, or for a block of consecutive days, for example, a 3-day Euro Trackday holiday.

Three reasons to buy this policy:

  1. Guaranteed acceptance - Instant cover with no medical reports or underwriting
  2. One-off payment for single events - No ongoing Direct Debit if you only need cover for a single day or event
  3. Covers UK & EU trackdays and amateur racing (short circuit) - We can also cover events like Superbike Schools and Wheelie Schools (if it's not listed you can suggest it to us)

Level 1: Fractures and Hospitalisation (max payout £3,250)

  • Fractures - Cover for individual fractures up to £2,000 each (maximum combined payout £3,000 for one accident). That’s a big help towards bills, if you are self-employed, or a lot of taxis or bike repair bills paid for.
  • Hospitalisation - You can claim £250 in addition to fracture payments after 48 hours spent in hospital, towards out of pocket expenses like travel costs or emergency childcare.

Level 2: Permanent Total Disablement or Accidental Death

  • Permanent Total Disablement - £15,000 tax-free lump sum benefit to help reduce the financial impact on you and your loved ones, for example making adjustments to your home.
  • Accidental Death - £15,000 tax-free lump sum benefit to leave behind for loved ones, to help clear debts, cover funeral costs or to assist partners or children financially.

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Examples of Motorcycle Activities Covered by this Insurance:

  • Bike Trackdays (Short Circuit) - UK and Europe
  • Amatuer Motorcycle Racing - UK and Europe (no professional racing)
  • Off-Road Adventure Bike Courses (there is no road cover, although our road insurance has Personal Accident cover options)
  • Wheelie Schools (Private Land)
  • Other activities on private land will be considered by contacting us at (allow time for us to refer this to underwriters)

How much will Personal Injury Cover cost me?

The cheapest option is to buy our Trackday Damage Insurance for your bike and then add Personal Injury Cover as an option within that policy. Alternatively you can buy personal injury cover per event (on it's own as a one-off standalone policy).

  • Cover starts from £35 for a single trackday - if purchased as part of our Trackday Bike Damage Insurance policy (optional extra you can choose to add).
  • For standalone cover (without the bike damage policy), premiums start from £50 for a single day event, e.g. particpating in a one-off wheelie school on private land.
  • If you choose cover for multi-day events, like a Euro track day, then each additional day drives a discount (a multi-day policy is cheaper per day than a single day event)

Multi-day discounts are automatically applied for events like Euro track day trips with blocks of consecutive days (maximum 8-days in a row).

How much personal injury cover do I get?

Level 1: Fractures and Hospitalisation

The policy starts with Level 1 for fractures and some hospitalisation cover, with an option to add Level 2 benefits for a small extra premium to cover Permanent Total Disablement or Accidental Death (scroll down for Level 2).

The most you can receive in Level 1 benefits is £3,000 in total for a combination of any of the below fractures, plus £250 for hospitalisation (if you stay in hospital for more than 48 hours as a result of your insured bodily injury).

III Upper Leg (Femur) £2,000
III Vertebral Body (not Coccyx) £2,000
III Pelvis £2,000
III Skull £2,000
II Vertebra (other than the vertebral body) £1,000
II Lower Leg (Tibia) £1,000
II Lower Leg (Fibula) £1,000
II Lower Jaw £1,000
II Breastbone (Sternum) £1,000
II Shoulder Blade (Scapula) £1,000
II Kneecap (Patella) £1,000
II Upper Arm (Humerus) £1,000
II Lower Arm (Radius and Ulna) £1,000
I Clavicle (Collar Bone) £500
I Wrist (Carpals) & Colles’ Fracture £500
I Ankle (Tarsals) & Pott’s Fracture £500
I Hand (Metacarpals)* £500
I Foot (Metatarsals)* £500
I Coccyx £500

Level 2: Add Permanent Total Disablement / Accidental Death Cover

If you choose Level 2 cover it includes all the benefits of Level 1 (fractures and hospitalisation), plus coverfor Permanent Total Disablement or Accidental Death. The most the policy will payout is £15,000 in total across all levels (including any benefits paid under Level 1 for fractures and hospitalisation).

1 Permanent Total Disablement (PTD)* £15,000
2 Accidental Death (AD) £15,000

* PTD is defined in our policy document (page 5) based on a specialist assesment of your ability to do a number of tasks without assistance. It's too involved to summarise here, so please read the policy document for more information.

You can find full policy information in the Motorcycle Personal Injury Cover Policy Document or read an abbreviated Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) here.

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