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Why pay more for multiple bikes or collections?

If you own more than one bike then make sure you speak to BeMoto. Unlike others we realise that you can only ride one bike at a time - so why pay for multiple full price policies?

Whether you have an additional bike or a collection of motorcycles, for road use or laid-up bikes, BeMoto can tailor a multi-bike package to your exact needs.

You can also only use one No Claims Discount (NCD) on one bike policy at a time, so taking out separate policies is not always the most cost effective way of insuring more than one bike. Actually in most circumstances additional bikes can be added to a multi-bike policy at a nominal fee i.e. usually cheaper than the main bike!

We recognise that bikers with multiple bikes are much more likely to be real enthusiasts who love their bikes and therefore are more likely to take better care of them.

We ensure that we reflect this in our multi-bike insurance premiums.

Call us on 01733 907000* or fill in our Multibike Quote Request Form to find out more.

From an additional bike to large collections

We can offer cover for even the most diverse of collections; from classics, to modern classics, to modern bikes. We also realise that each bike may have its own role in the collection, whether it is used as a daily commuter, a weekend toy or for that infrequent summer evening ride - we can put together a package that fits you and your bikes properly.

Got an Off road Dirt Bike or Track Bike in your collection?

Unlike many others, we offer Bike Fire and Theft Only Insurance products to customers that have bikes in their collection that are not used on the road - we want to ensure that you only pay for the cover you need and you can add as many bikes as you like to a single fire & theft policy.

  • Why pay for road insurance liability cover when you don't use your bike on the road?
  • Why risk being uninsured for your non-road dirt or track bike, or even your kids bikes or quads?

You'll love our Multibike product benefits too...

In addition to our market leading cover, all our policies come with 90-days EU cover per trip and include FREE Legal Expenses Insurance covering up to £100,000 - PLUS we don't charge you a broker fee to make changes to your policy mid-term (a fair usage policy applies).

And if that wasn't enough, our industry leading Titanium Cover includes full UK and Euro RAC Breakdown cover, £1,500 Helmet & Leathers cover and £20,000 Personal Accident cover

You can also choose to add Excess Contribution cover, allowing you to protect some or all of your insurance excess in the event of a successful claim.

For a tailored multi-bike quote call BeMoto today on 01733 907000*

* Calls may be recorded for our joint protection