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What is Multi Bike Insurance?

BeMoto is owned and run by bikers so our multi bike insurance reflects what bikers like you want from their insurance provider. As bikers with our own multi-bike collections we only work with the most trusted underwriters and design our own products to get you the cheapest price and the best cover. Our multi bike insurance allows you to insure multiple bikes on the same policy so you pay less, have less admin, and only have to renew one policy. Whether you have an additional bike or a collection of motorcycles, for road use or laid-up bikes, BeMoto can tailor multi-bike insurance to your exact needs.

You can only use one No Claims Discount (NCD) on one bike policy at a time, so insuring each bike separately can end up being much more expensive when you have to use zero NCD for additional policies. In most circumstances additional bikes can be added to a multi-bike insurance policy at a nominal fee i.e. usually cheaper than the main bike! We recognise that bikers with multiple bikes are much more likely to be real enthusiasts who love their bikes and therefore are more likely to take better care of them. And because you can only ride one bike at a time, why pay for multiple full price policies?

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Bemoto - Policy changes with no admin fee

No admin fees to make policy changes.

The most comprehensive cover for you and your bikes...

  • Titanium Cover for only £40 more

  • Titanium

  • Carbon

  • Bemoto - EU cover extension

    EU Cover extension (90-days per trip)

  • Bemoto - 24 Hour claims

    24 hour claims helpline

  • Bemoto - Legal advice helpline

    Motor legal advice helpline

  • Bemoto - Cover with Legal cover expenses

    Legal expenses (£100,000)

  • Bemoto - Personal Accident Cover

    Personal Accident (£15,000)

  • +£30
  • Bemoto - Motorbike helment

    Helmet and leathers (£1,500)

  • +£20
  • Bemoto - Including RAC breakdown cover

    RAC Breakdown (UK & Europe)

  • N/A
  • Bemoto - £250 Excess contribution

    Excess Contribution (£250)

  • +£20
  • +£20
  • Bemoto - £500 Excess contribution

    Excess Contribution (£500)

  • +£30
  • +£30
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Speak to a human
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  • Bemoto - Personal Accident Cover
  • Bemoto - Motorbike helment
  • Bemoto - Including RAC breakdown cover
  • Bemoto - Cover with Legal cover expenses

What is titanium cover all about?

At BeMoto we don’t believe in charging you ridiculous premiums for simple extras that we can negotiate great rates on your behalf.

In addition to our market leading cover, all our multi bike insurance policies come with 90-days EU cover per trip and include FREE legal expenses insurance covering up to £100,000 - PLUS we don’t charge you a broker fee to make changes to your policy mid-term (a fair usage policy applies).

Our industry leading Titanium Cover multi bike insurance includes full UK and Euro RAC Breakdown cover, £1,500 Helmet & Leathers cover and £15,000 Personal Accident cover. You can also choose to add Excess Contribution cover, allowing you to protect some or all of your insurance excess in the event of a successful claim.

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What can I expect to pay for multi bike insurance?

The examples here give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for multi bike insurance. A classic motorbike can be added from as little as £11.20, but the typical cost is between £28 and £60. Clearly a £20,000 V4 Panigale is not going to be quite as cheap to add, but then again they aren’t cheap to replace either!! So whether you have a commuter bike for work and something special in the garage for weekends, or mix classic and modern bikes, speak with us about your bikes and get a multi-bike insurance quote today!

Comprehensive Multi-Bike Insurance

  • Bemoto Multi Bike Cover - BMW S1000 RR and Suzuki Bandit 600 F

    BMW S1000 RR (£10,000) &
    Suzuki Bandit 600 F (£2,000)



    Carbon Cover


  • Bemoto Multi Bike Cover - Ducati 999 S MONO and Honda MSX 125 Grom

    Ducati 999 S MONO (£6,500) &
    Honda MSX 125 “Grom” (£3,300)



    Carbon Cover


  • Bemoto Multi Bike Cover - Triumph Daytona 675 R and Honda CG125

    Triumph Daytona 675 R (£7,500) &
    Honda CG125 (£1,500)



    Carbon Cover


  • Bemoto Multi Bike Cover - BMW R1200RT and Honda Hornet 600

    BMW R1200RT (£5,000) &
    Honda Hornet 600 (£3,000)



    Carbon Cover


The above prices are based on a married rider aged 37, living in NR11 postcode area, with a full bike licence and one SP30 conviction. No accidents, 5 years NCD, 6000 miles pa between both bikes, employed as a teacher, with a main bike that has Data Tag and a factory fitted immobiliser. Kept in a locked garage. Prices correct June 2019.

Can’t express enough what a good experience I had with these guys. Just bought a GSX S-1000F and looked up a few quotes for a multi-bike (keeping my old Er-6f in the street outside my house and my new Suzuki at a rented garage elsewhere) policy, couldn’t find anything reasonable and was pretty much resigned to spending a fortune on insurance. Remembered BaronVonGrumble/44Teeth recommending BeMoto so thought I’d give them a try. Got straight through to a human who actually knew what he was talking about and he put together an incredible multi bike insurance policy for me.

Being penalised for adding a second bike by your existing insurer?

If you’re frustrated with your current multi bike insurance admin costs for adding a second bike to your policy, or for terminating the policy early, then we can quickly calculate whether you are better off staying for the policy term or switching now. You can always insure your second bike with us now, and add your other bike(s) at renewal.

We often speak with bikers concerned about losing that year’s no claims discount and can often offset this too.

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Frustrated with hidden and extra charges from your existing insurer?

We don’t charge admin fees for policy changes, or unnecessary price increases when your policy is up for renewal. We take a unique approach with our multi-bike insurance polices built around your risk profile and how you use your bikes.

Do I need to declare my bike modifications?

We love modified bikes and understand the motivation for making modifications. We modify our own bikes and rather than increasing your risk, we make it easy to declare them without being penalised.

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Bemoto - Multi-bike policies

Thinking of buying a second bike?

If you are thinking of adding a second bike to your current BeMoto policy, we can quickly provide you with a multi bike insurance quote so you have a clear idea of your total costs.

The average cost for an additional bike is as little as £60 and we will share our advice on the type of cover you need based on how you use your bikes.

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Multi Bike Insurance FAQs

  1. How many bikes can be covered on a Multi-Bike policy?

    At BeMoto there is no limit to the number of bikes we can insure on a multi-bike insurance package. We can also insure collections on our SORN insurance policy too.

  2. How does Multi-Bike Insurance work?

    At BeMoto we have a number of multi-bike insurance packages designed to suit your needs, no matter what type or value of bike you have. We simply work out the main bike premium and add the additional bikes for a fixed fee based on your bikes value.

  3. How much does Multi Bike Insurance cost?

    BeMoto multi-bike insurance typically costs around £40-60 per additional bike, once the main bike premium is calculated. This can increase for higher value bikes, but it can also be much cheaper for classic bikes that are generally much lower risk.

  4. Can you mix modern and classic bikes on a multi-bike policy?

    Yes you can mix modern and classic bikes with BeMoto multibike insurance. Our policy is designed around your needs for whatever bike collection you have, including modern and classic road bikes, SORN and laid up bikes, even off-road and track bikes that are unregistered.

  5. Why choose BeMoto for your Multi-Bike Insurance policy?

    BeMoto is a multi-bike insurance specialist with flexible packages designed around you and your collection. There are no limits to the number or types of bikes we can cover. Our policies all include Legal Expenses, NO fees to make policy changes and our Titanium Cover provides breakdown for all your bikes a single policy.

  6. How is a Multi Bike Insurance quote calculated?

    Our multi-bike insurance experts start by calculating which motorbike is the highest rated by our insurer panel, using the same No Claims Bonus (NCB) for each bike. You then pay the premium to insure the highest rated motorbike, which includes your NCB.

    As your NCB can't be used on multiple bikes, the additional bikes are added to your policy at a discounted fixed price on the understanding that only one bike can be ridden at a time, but they could all be stolen together when not in use.