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What is SORN Insurance?

If you have motorbikes that are laid up and not taxed or insured for road use, then you need to declare them as 'off the road' with a Statutory Off Road Notification to the DVLA. Even parking an untaxed bike on the public highways is an offence and can lead to prosecution and/or your bike being impounded or crushed.

Once your bike is off the road and declared as SORN there is no legal requirement to insure it, but your bike(s) are still at risk from fire, theft or malicious damage... That's where SORN Insurance comes in.

And even though unregistered bikes (without a V5 log book) do not need to be declared SORN, they are equally at risk from a garage fire, malicious damage, attempted theft or being stolen. Criminals go to extraordinary lengths to steal motorbikes, even when they appear to be safely locked away, e.g. dismantling sections of garage structure to gain access!

Do I need SORN Insurance?

If you have a bike (or collection) that you can't afford to lose, but have no plans to ride your bike on the road then SORN Insurance is an ideal solution. In many cases, it's pretty cheap compared to road insurance as there is no third party liability risk - the key factor in pricing is the bike's value and you do not require any no claims bonus etc.

  • Fire - Garage fires are rare but they do happen
  • Theft - If a criminal wants your bike they are pretty determined
  • Malicious Damage - This includes attempted theft (damage caused trying to steal it)

The main things you need to qualify for this product are:

  1. A sturdy locked building - This does not have to be at your home address (it can also be inside your home)
  2. Decent security - This includes things like approved anchors and chains or locking your bikes together
  3. Identifying Marks - If your bike is not registered with the DVLA (no V5 log book) then it will need to have a DataTag if it's worth over £4,000

Fire and theft cover for all types of non-road motorcycles:

  • Laid up road bikes - Has a registration number but is declared SORN
  • Unregistered bikes - Dirt bikes, track or race bikes, imports and kids bikes
  • Project bikes - A renovation or custom build that's not yet ready for road use
  • Multi bike collections - Up to 10 bikes per policy (mix and match types)

Why wait until it's too late...



If you don't use your bike on the road then you can save money with Fire & Theft Insurance:

  • Vehicle Tax - The road fund licence is to pay for the upkeep of roads and you're not using them
  • Service & MOT - There's no need to keep your bike serviced or MOT'd (unless you want to)
  • Insurance - Road insurance covers third party liability, which is a key part of the claims cost, whereas laid up policies only worry about the fire, theft and malicious damage aspects

This is a 'Non Road' policy. There is no cover whilst riding on a public highway or on private land.

This is a Fire & Theft Insurance only for your bike(s) when locked up or in transit (van or trailer). We have other products available for your Motorbike Insurance (for use on the roads), as well as Track Day Damage Insurance to cover damage caused in an accident whilst riding on UK or EU motorcycle track days.

SORN Insurance poster with a bike under cover in the garage

SORN Insurance FAQs

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