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Trackday Travel and Repatriation Insurance

There's nothing better than a bike trackday abroad, with loads of track time and plenty of sun to enjoy getting your knee down for the photographer.

There's plenty to think about before you drop off your bike and gear at the stillage depot, however top of your list should be trackday travel insurance, also known as Repatriation Insurance (or "Repat" Insurance).

Not only should it be top of your list, it should be the first thing you do after booking your trip with the Track Day Organiser (TDO)... Why?

Because it doesn't just cover you for emergency medical and repatriation costs, there's also some cancellation cover benefits included as standard, in case something happens that means you can't go on your trip after all. So remember the words of Martin Lewis from Money Saving Expert "As soon as you book" (ASAB)!

BeMoto Trackday Repatriation Insurance can cover you for:

  • Up to £3,000 cancellation cover (specific reasons only)
  • Up to £250,000 of Emergency Medical Costs
  • Up to £100,000 of Emergency Repatriation Costs
  • A contribution towards damaged bike clothing in a trackday accident

Note: Our policy can cover you for a trackday in most countries except for the USA, South American and Canada.

Motorbike on a European trackday cornering

Buy Repat Insurance online with instant cover BEFORE you travel

  • It's important that you understand the cover you are buying and go through a proper medical screening process if you have pre-existing health conditions. If you don't declare your medical history it could leave you in hot water with a policy that doesn't actually cover you.

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  • You can get a quote and buy online 24 hours a day by clicking the button below. You can choose cover for trackdays or amateur racing, but sadly we do NOT cover any form of professional racing.

    Remember to select the appropriate activity pack for your trip and also to complete the medical screening questions honestly and accurately to ensure your policy covers you properly.

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More Information About Repatriation Insurance

We have more detailed information that can answer many of your in-depth questions (see the linked articles and FAQs below), however the following points should help answer the quick and easy questions...

Quick Reference Guide:

  • Cover for emergency medical and repatriation costs after an accident on track abroad
    • Choose Gold Cover (£250k medical limit) or Silver Cover (£100k medical limit)
    • Emergency repatriation is covered on top of the medical limits (£100k limit alive, or £50k in a body bag)
  • It's like a travel insurance policy, except this one also has options for trackdays and amateur racing (usually excluded on other policies)
    • Other travel insurance benefits are included like cancellation cover (so buy this policy early) and things like lost luggage or passports
    • Only covers trackdays in Europe and some Worldwide countries (not USA, South America or Canada though)
    • We don't cover professional racing (or semi-professional) or cover business activities
  • You can buy Single Trip or Annual Multi Trip cover (the maximum age for Multi Trip is 66 whereas Single Trip is 75)
  • You need to buy cover BEFORE you travel and for the whole duration
  • You must have been a UK resident for at least 6-months (and still live in the UK) registered with a GP surgery
  • You need to have a UK driving licence that covers you for the class of bike you are riding (or an ACU race licence)
  • You need to wear the appropriate protective riding gear (see FAQs below)

Even if you have a travel insurance with your packaged current account or a family multi-trip policy you are likely to need a top up policy like this one for the trackday riding element... Other travel insurance policies usually exclude dangerous sports or hazardous pursuits.

For full information about this policy you can read the Insurance Product Information Documents (IPID) and full Trackday Repatriation Policy Documents.

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Track bike in pit lane at a motorcycle trackday

Trackday Repatriation Insurance FAQs

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