Trike Insurance - 01733 907000

  • £100,000 Legal Expenses Insurance included
  • Titanium Cover with full RAC Trike breakdown
  • NO broker fees to make policy changes
Trike Insurance - 01733 907000

Specialists in all types of trike insurance

Finding insurance for your Trike used to be an ordeal as most car and bike insurance companies do not have the expertise. Here at BeMoto we're different - we love traditional motorbikes, 3-wheeled trikes (two at the back or front including Spyders and Rykers) or 4-wheeled Quads - as long as it has handlebars - so much more fun than cars!

We also understand that trike riders often don't have a full motorcycle licence. We understand the rules around car licence extensions to avoid those annoying conversations.

We have a wide range of insurance products designed for the different types of trikes; whether it's a manufacturer produced model, built by a specialist or you built it yourself:

  • Adapted for disability (also check out the NABD)
  • Car Derived and Q plate trikes (e.g. car engines)
  • Motorcycle conversions
  • Can-Am Spyder and Ryker (three wheels at front)
  • Vespa-Piaggio MP3, Yamaha Tricity, etc.
  • Nippi Trippi

We offer Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft, or Third Party only trike insurance... and if you do not plan to use your trike on the road we can offer Fire and Theft Insurance for when it's SORN and laid up in a locked building, to ensure that your pride and joy is protected.

  • NO broker fees to make changes to your policy, such as moving home
  • All our road policies come with FREE Legal Expenses up to £100,000 as standard
  • Titanium Cover also includes £15,000 Personal Accident cover, up to £1,500 for accident damage to your riding kit (e.g. open face helmets, leather jacket and boots) and full UK and European RAC Breakdown
  • Full UK car or motorcycle licence required in most cases
  • No Claims Discount from trike or motorcycle policies accepted (not cars unfortunately)

Read our article about when one of the team rode a trike for the first time... The Trike First Timer


  • TWATS club member offers and owners club discounts
  • Garaged trike & approved security discounts
  • Discounts for long ownership, limited mileage and security
  • Multi-trike policies available, if you have more than one

Call a BeMoto specialist on 01733 907000* to discuss your trike insurance needs.

Harley Trike at MCN Festival

* Calls may be recorded for our joint protection