Used Motorcycle GAP Insurance

  • USED bikes (up to 8 years old) bought from a dealership
  • Return to INVOICE for bikes bought less than 180 days ago
  • NO exclusions for modified bikes (factory options covered)
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GAP Insurance for used motorcycles up to 8 years old

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s probably because you have purchased a used bike recently and want to protect yourself from depreciation in the event of a future total loss (also known as a 'write off').

If you don't know what GAP insurance is… don’t worry! Simply scroll down to read all about it, including how much it costs, then click 'buy now' and you can be covered in no time at all.

GAP Insurance stands for "Guaranteed Asset Protection" and is designed to protect you from a financial loss if your motorbike is declared a 'total loss' or written-off by your underlying motorbike insurer.

If your motorbike is declared a write-off (usually due to an accident or theft), your underlying motorbike insurer will only pay you 'market value' for your motorbike at the time of the incident; therefore, because your motorbike will depreciate in value over time, there is often a “gap” in the financial settlement between what is paid out by your bike insurer and the amount that you originally paid for your bike.

If you bought your bike using a finance arrangement, shortfalls are potentially made even larger, meaning you face a potential double whammy by having an uninsured liability AND no motorbike.

You can buy our GAP cover for new registered bikes and used bikes, as long as you purchased it from a VAT registered dealership or garage;

  • within the last 180 days;
  • it's less than 8 years old; and
  • has less than 120k miles on the clock (that would be going some!)

Important: Our GAP Insurance is for motorbikes only (not for scooters, quads or trikes).

Watch the explainer video below, then continue reading for more information, with example claims and policy premiums; as well as FAQs to help you decide.

Return to Invoice (RTI) GAP

If you have purchased a used motorbike that is less than 8 years old within the last 180 days from a VAT Registered Garage or Dealership, then RTI GAP pays the difference between your bike insurer's total loss settlement and the original purchase price you paid - including any factory fitted options and dealer fitted modifications (if they were paid for and fitted at the same time as buying the bike).

BeMoto policies are designed by bikers for bikers, so... unlike many policies:

  • Aftermarket modifications do NOT invalidate your policy, whilst the insurer won't replace your aftermarket mods, neither will they penalise you for tinkering.
  • Cover includes dealer fitted modifications that were paid for and fitted by the dealer at the same time as buying your bike.
  • Our RTI GAP Insurance covers up to the value of the bike you paid / level you choose, i.e. if your bike was £20k and you choose the £20k option, then it will cover the full gap up to £20k.


Motorcycle Gap Insurance Example

This Image illustrates the simple function of GAP Insurance. Imagine you buy a bike worth £20,000, and after 2 years and a lot of fun miles, you have an insurance claim that means the bike will be written-off. At that time, a reasonable market value for the bike might be £12,000 - which may clear your finance agreement but without GAP insurance you would be looking at a shortfall of £8,000 from what you paid for the bike:

  • What about those factory options and dealer fitted modifications you lovingly added at the time?
  • When will you afford the new modern equivalent bike, dripping with the latest tech, that's gone up in price?
  • How about the extra shock of your insurance excess and potential early finance termination costs?

In this example, RTI GAP insurance could cover all of these by providing an extra £8,000 on top of the bike insurance pay-out.

Motorcycle GAP Insurance Benefits

Motorbike GAP Cover Benefits

How much does GAP Insurance cost?

Premiums are very competitive and the policy has been designed specifically for bikers (most are just car policies adapted for motorbikes).

Note: RTI GAP policies cannot be renewed or extended; so choose a policy for as long as you plan to keep your bike:

Return To Invoice GAP Insurance - Prices By Bike Value*
2 Year Policy3 Year Policy4 Year Policy

Motorbikes up to £10,000




Motorbikes £10,001 - £15,000




Motorbikes £15,001 - £20,000




Motorbikes £20,001 - £25,000




Motorbikes over £25,000




* Prices correct as at May 2022

BeMoto RTI GAP Insurance Benefits

Remember, the policy covers the full gap up to your chosen bike value level. No need to try and guesstimate the potential shortfall. Plus, you can still modify your bike without invalidating cover (although the insurer won't pay for aftermarket mods carried out once it leaves the factory / dealership).

Note: For RTI GAP you must have comprehensive insurance cover in place for the entire time the policy is in place.

Return To Invoice GAP Insurance BenefitsCover Included

Excess contribution to minimise financial struggles (£250)

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Settles Finance, Hire & Lease Agreements

Cover for new and used bikes bought from a dealership or garage within the last 180 days

Cover for Factory Fitted Options and Dealer fitted modifications (paid for on the same invoice)

Cover for Named Riders

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The information on this page is a brief summary of policy benefits. For a full list of all terms & conditions please refer to the Insurance Policy Information Document (IPID) and GAP Policy Documents before purchase to be fully informed.

Used Bike GAP Insurance FAQs

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