Used Motorcycle GAP Insurance

  • Lump sum pay-out for insured total loss claims
  • Extra 25% on top of your bike insurer's settlement
  • Up to £10,000 maximum pay-out
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What is Total Loss Protect (TLP) GAP Insurance?

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s probably because you are considering GAP insurance for a used bike that you have either had for some time or is too old for a normal GAP Insurance policy. You are looking at GAP cover because you know how important it is and don't want to be left with a hole in your pocket if something happens to your bike!

If you have no idea what GAP insurance is… don’t worry! We have all the information you need right here! Total Loss Protect offers you a simple alternative to the traditional GAP products that are intended for new motorcycles.

We don’t believe you should be penalised by:

  • The length of time you have owned your motorbike
  • The age of your motorbike
  • The recorded mileage on your motorbike, or
  • You’ve had a GAP policy, but it expired and cannot be extended

Total Loss Protect is a form of GAP insurance designed to help protect you against financial loss in the event that your motorbike is written off by your motorbike insurer.

Important: BeMoto GAP Insurance is for motorbikes only, i.e. not for scooters, quads or trikes.

This insurance will pay 25% on top of the insurer’s settlement amount, up to a maximum of £10,000. Read on for more information and example premiums.

Click here if you have purchased a new or used bike from a dealership within the last 180 days and would prefer full Return to Invoice GAP Insurance.

Used Motorcycle Insurance Benefits

Example of how TLP GAP Insurance would work for you:

Imagine you purchased a bike for £5,000 on a finance agreement and had it for one year. After a year of fun and a lot of miles, your bike is unfortunately written off as a result of being crashed into whilst it is parked up at a supermarket.

The third party's insurer's take into account the mileage and condition of your bike and offer you £4,000 excluding any excess you have to pay. If, however, you had Total Loss Protect GAP Insurance, you would receive an additional 25% to your settlement - an extra £1,000 - which would get you almost back to the original purchase price.

Without this additional cover you may be left with having to still pay a loan for a bike that has 'gone' and trying to fund a new bike to keep you mobile.

Total Loss Protect significantly improves your ability to fund your replacement bike and offers peace of mind.

How much does used bike GAP Insurance cost?

BeMoto Total Loss Protect GAP Insurance premiums are based on the amount you pay for your main bike insurance in the UK.

Note: If your circumstances continue to meet the policy requirements after 12-months is up, we will invite you to buy another policy each year.

Total Loss Protect GAP (25% top-up) Prices By Bike Insurance Premium* 12-Months
Insurance Premiums up to £500 £67.19
Insurance Premiums £501 - £1,000 £106.39
Insurance Premiums £1,001 - £1,500 £156.79
Insurance Premiums £1,501 - £2,000 £179.19
Insurance Premiums over £2,000 POA

Prices correct as at May 2022

NOTE: Your motorcycle must be insured throughout the period of this insurance by a motorbike insurance policy issued in the UK. If you only have third party, fire and theft insurance, you can only make a claim on this Insurance for Total Loss due to fire or theft. If you have comprehensive cover you may claim for collision damage also.

BeMoto Total Loss Protect GAP Insurance Benefits

This product has been designed by bikers for bikers, therefore exclusions about modified bikes have been removed and this cover is not just for new bikes; it's available for older bikes, or bikes with higher mileage or existing motorbikes that you already own.

Total Loss Protect GAP Insurance BenefitsCover Included

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Provides an additional 25% Lump Sum on top of your bike insurance settlement

Up to £10,000 additional cover

Cover for Comprehensive as well as Third Party, Fire & Theft

Cover for Named Riders

Note: For a comprehensive pay-out you must have comprehensive insurance cover in place for the entire time the policy is in place. For a Third Party, Fire & Theft related payout, you must have valid Third Party, Fire & Theft cover in place for the entire time the policy is in place.

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The information contained on this page is a brief summary of policy conditions. For a full list of all conditions please refer to the Insurance Policy Information Document (IPID) and GAP Policy Documents before purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is my Total Loss Protect Insurance valid if I take my motorbike abroad?

Although the policyholder needs to be resident in the UK, cover also applies to member countries of the European Community, the Isle of Man, Channel Islands and any other country for which an International Motor Insurance Certificate (‘Green Card’) is effective on your motorbike at the Point of Total Loss, for up to 60 days in any one trip

When can I buy a Total Loss Protect insurance policy?

You may purchase a policy at any time.

Does my motorbike need to be fully insured?

Yes, your motorbike must be insured throughout the period of this insurance by a motorbike insurance policy issued in the UK. If you only have third party, fire and theft insurance, you can only make a claim on this Insurance for Total Loss due to fire or theft.

If my motorbike is written off because I’m hit by an uninsured driver, will my Total Loss Protect insurance pay out?

Not all motorbike insurance policies provide cover if insured motorbike are hit by an uninsured driver, so it is best to check your policy, for example if you have Third Party, Fire & Theft (TPFT) Only cover.

For accidental damage claims, Total Loss Protect is conditional on your main motorbike insurer or the third party at fault insurer settling your claim in the event that the motorbike is written-off with Comprehensive cover in place. Provided they do, and you follow the claims procedure, then the insurer will also make a settlement.

If you only have TPFT cover you will only be covered for fire or theft claims.

Although I own the motorbike, I am not the main user on the main motorbike insurance policy; in whose name do I apply for Total Loss Protect?

The person named in the Total Loss Protect Policy Certificate must be the registered keeper of the motorbike and the authorised user of it and (if applicable) who is named in the finance agreement.

Are Named Riders covered by my Total Loss Protect policy?

All named drivers on your main motorbike insurance policy; however, Total Loss Protect claim settlement is always conditional on your main motorbike insurer settling your total loss claim.

Anyone driving your motorbike under their own motor motorbike insurance or on a temporary/short term motorbike insurance policy will not be covered.

What if my motorbike is stolen with the keys?

You must take all precautions to safeguard your motorbike against loss or damage. Where the motorbike is left unattended, all security devises or immobilisers must be activated, and all keys removed from it.

Theft committed by any person who has access to the keys for your motorbike is excluded; however, if the keys are stolen by someone else and the motorbike is subsequently stolen, then provided your main motorbike insurer is convinced that negligence was not involved and settles your claim, then your Total Loss Protect policy will pay out too.

Can I still buy Total Loss Protect insurance if my motorbike is covered by a motor trade insurance policy?

Unfortunately, no.

Does the Total Loss Protect policy cover my road tax in the event of a total loss?

No; there is no need for it to do so because it would be refundable pro-rata by the DVLA if your motorbike is written off.

If your motorbike is declared a total loss by your insurer, you send section 9 of the motorbike logbook to the DVLA. You will then receive an automatic refund in the form of a cheque within 4 weeks.

Can I change my motorbike and cover it with my existing Total Loss Protect policy?

Yes, but it may not be assigned without the insurer’s consent. If you sell your motorbike or it is subject to an insurance total loss, provided that no claims have been made, you may transfer the remaining cover to the replacement motorbike, subject to the insurer’s prior agreement and payment of a £20 administration fee. A new Schedule will be issued confirming the replacement motorbike details. Where the replacement motorbike is deemed to be of a higher risk an additional premium may be required. Alternatively, cover may be transferred to a new private owner. Transfers with motor trade involvement will not be accepted.

Where this Insurance is transferred, you cannot claim for 28 days from the Date of Transfer.

Only one transfer is permitted during the Period of Insurance