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What is GAP Insurance and are all policies the same???

The first thing to get your head around is what GAP insurance actually means, surely your comprehensive bike insurance is enough?

The word GAP is an abbreviation of Guaranteed Asset Protection and its purpose is to help protect you against financial losses if your motorbike has been declared a 'total loss' (commonly referred to as being 'written off') following an insurance claim, e.g. an accident on the public roads, fire or theft in your garage, etc.

When you get paid out a cash settlement by an insurer for a motorbike that's been written-off, you might be left with a gap between what you originally paid for the bike and what it is worth now, at todays market rate, or what is known as "Market Value" in insurance jargon. This is simply because your motorbike depreciates in value over time (unless of course you bought an appreciating classic). In some cases the gap might be made worse by outstanding finance you need to settle, but don't have enough cash to pay off...

If you have the right GAP Insurance, it should ideally pay you the difference between what you originally paid, including factory options, and what the final insurance payout or settlement is at todays market value - or settle your outstanding finance. This is known as "Return to Invoice" (RTI).

Once you know what you are buying, you can then start to compare the benefits.

What to look out for...

The name 'GAP Insurance' can technically be used to describe lots of different product structures, some great and some not so great, however in our opinion true GAP Insurance should be designed with bikers in mind and cover the full potential gap between the original purchase price of your bike and the market value settlement at the time of a total loss claim, in other words:

  1. Don't settle for policies that only cover a small fixed value, i.e. if your bike is worth £20k then why not have £20k of cover as standard (some make you choose the size of the gap you want to cover, e.g. £5k or £10k etc, so be careful not to underinsure)?
  2. Make sure it will also settle any outstanding finance on your bike (don't get left with outstanding monthly payments and interest for a bike you no longer own or use).
  3. Check if your bike needs to be in the Glass's Guide to qualify for cover (some policies only cover bikes that are listed in Glass's Guide, however some bike models or variants may not be in the guide).
  4. Modifications are common on motorcycles, so ensure any changes you make to the standard OEM spec of your bike don't end up invalidating your cover (or modifications by previous owners or garages for that matter) - many policies simply use the same wording as car insurance where modifications are less common.
  5. Provide some element of excess contribution (any excess you pay for your main bike claim means less money towards your new bike).

Don't worry, at BeMoto our GAP Insurance has been specifically designed for motorcylists - we haven't just taken a car policy and changed the images... Aftermarket modifications do not invalidate our policy and in fact any mods added and paid for at the time of purchasing your bike (either fitted in the factory or by the selling dealer) are covered too as long as they are part of the purchase invoice! We also have other ways of validating your bike value in addition to using Glass's Guide.

Should I buy GAP Insurance from my bike dealer?

Many bike dealerships will offer GAP Insurance, but it's not always good value and in some cases has not been carefully created to avoid the pitfalls listed above. In addition, regulations state that garages and dealerships need to wait 48 hours between selling the bike and selling you GAP Insurance, which means you have time to shop around without pressure selling - don't feel pressured to buy it in the show room (do your homework)!

Am I eligible for GAP Insurance?

Have a look at the table to see whether your circumstances mean you can qualify to buy BeMoto Motorbike GAP Insurance:

Question*Yes you qualifySorry not this time

When did you purchase the bike?

Less than 180 days ago

More than 180 days ago

What is the bikes mileage?

Less than 120,000 miles

More than 120,000 miles

How old is the bike?

Less than 8 years old

More than 8 years old

Where was the bike purchased?

From a dealer / garage

From a private seller

What level of bike insurance do you have?

Comprehensive Cover

Third Party, Fire and Theft (TPFT) or Third Party Only (TPO)

Buy Return To Invoice GAP Insurance

* If ALL of your answers fall in the left-hand column then Return To Invoice GAP Insurance is probably the cover for you; however, if any of your answers fall in the right-hand column then we don't currently have a product that meets your needs. You might find something elsewhere though.

I still don't get it... What is the point of GAP Insurance?

Why not watch our cartoon below for a more informal and fun explanation, or read the policy documentation.

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Motorbike GAP Insurance FAQs

  1. My Comprehensive Insurer is offering me a 'new for old' replacement for the first 6 months, why do I still need Motorbike GAP Insurance in the first year?

  2. If my motorbike is written off by an uninsured driver, will my GAP Insurance pay out?

  3. Will GAP insurance cover the full value of my motorbike?

  4. Are dealer fitted accessories included in my Motorbike GAP Insurance cover?