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Road Legal Buggy Insurance

BeMoto can cover a wide range of road-legal buggies, whether they are for agricultural use, playing-about for fun or used to commute to work and back.

What sort of Buggies can BeMoto cover?

We can offer insurance for road legal buggies no matter what engine size or fuel type, from diesel agricultural buggies to petrol sport buggies.

How many driver can be covered on a policy?

We can insure up to 4 drivers on a single Buggy policy.

What types of Insurance cover are available?

  • Third Party only
  • Third, Party, Fire and Theft
  • Comprehensive

Can BeMoto insure Q-plate Buggies?

Yes if it's certified as road-legal.

What driving licence do I need for a Road Legal Buggy?

Road Legal Buggies can be driven on a Full Car Licence, or on a Motorcycle Licence if passed before 2001 (in which case this will be noted as a B1 category).

Common Buggies that we can insure: (don't worry if yours is not on the list we can still insure it!)

  • Blitzworld Buggies
  • Rage Buggies
  • Quadzilla Buggies
  • Ranger Buggies
  • Joyner Buggies
  • Hisun Buggies
  • Secma Buggies
  • Polaris Buggies
  • Can-Am Buggies
  • PGO Buggies

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