Quad Bike Insurance

  • Policies for Road-Legal and Off-Road Quad Bikes
  • NO broker fees to make changes mid term
  • All types of quads covered
Quad Bike Insurance

Quad Bike Insurance Specialists

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We have a number of schemes designed specifically for road-legal and off-road quads, ATVs, UTVs or buggies, so we'll compare prices from a number of insurers to get you the best deal.

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We offer cover for quad bikes of any engine size and fuel type, from diesel powered agricultural farm quads to high powered petrol sports models and even unregistered childrens quads for fire & theft when locked up.

And that's not all... Our road insurance policies come with £100,000 Legal Expenses Insurance included as standard and there's NO broker fee to make changes to your policy mid-term.

What type of Quad Insurance cover can BeMoto offer?

  • Fully Comprehensive
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft
  • Third Party Only

For Fire & Theft cover see our SORN and Laid-Up Insurance (the quad doesn't have to have a V5).

What licence do I need to ride a Road Legal Quad Bike?

To ride a quad bike on the road you need to have a full car licence or a category B1 licence if it was issued before January 1997.

Click here for details of the government rules for road-legal quads.

You must register your quad bike with DVLA and the bike must have front and rear number plates.

Common Quad manufacturers that we insure...

Don't worry if yours is not on the list below or other brokers haven't been able to find it, we can still usually offer a quote as long as you have the right experience (for example we don't offer insurance on Raptors unless you're 25 or older).

Adly Farspeed Quadzilla
Aeon Cobra Honda SMC
Apache Jinling Spy
Arctic Cat Kawasaki Suzuki
Bashan Kazuma TGB
Bombardier Polaris Yamaha

Call BeMoto on 01733 907000* for a quad insurance quote today.

* Calls may be recorded for our joint protection

Quad Bike Insurance FAQs

  1. ​What driving licence do I need for a Road Legal Quad Bike?

    Road-Legal Quad Bikes can be driven on a Full Car Licence, or on a Motorcycle Licence if passed before 1997 (in which case this will be noted as a B1 category). You can find out more about Quad Bike Rules at gov.uk.

  2. What type of Quad Bike Insurance do I need to use it on the road?

    Much like car insurance, Quad Bike Insurance for road-legal ATVs has three leveles of cover available:

    • Third Party Only (TPO) Insurance is the minimum level of cover needed and only helps cover the cost of third party injury or damage claims against you.
    • Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance is the middle option, which gives you TPO, plus Fire & Theft insurance (does what it says on the tin).
    • Comprehensive Insurance includes the above, plus Accidental Damage cover for accidents that are your fault (costs to repair or replace your ATV).
  3. Can I insure a Quad Bike that is not road-registered or is declared SORN?

    For SORN Quad Bikes or where they are NOT registered with the DVLA, we also have SORN Quad Insurance cover available, which is just Fire & Theft cover when securely stored in a locked building.

    This won't help you ride legally on the public highways though, as it doesn't include the necessary Third Party cover.