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TRS Motorcycles – working with BeMoto

BeMoto are a specialist motorcycle insurance broker owned and run by Bikers. We're very happy to be working with TRS Motorcycles to offer you our great value and unique non-road fire & theft insurance products.

We also have top quality road insurance products for your road bike(s) including modified and multi-bike deals.

What makes BeMoto different?

Non-Road Bikes:

  • We offer Fire, Theft & Malicious Damage policies for any bike when secured in an approved garage, lockup or outbuilding using approved ground anchors and chains.
  • You can add cover for your bike when In Transit (secured in a van or on/in a trailer).
  • You can also add cover for Tools & Spare parts related to the insured motorcycle, if stolen at the same time.

Road Bikes:

  • Being bikers we understand what cover you expect and offer full like-for-like replacement of modifications.
  • All our road insurance policies come with £100,000 Legal Expenses Insurance included.
  • Our great value Titanium Cover also includes Personal Accident cover (up to £20,000), as well as insurance to protect your Helmets, Leathers, Gloves and Boots up to £1,500 and full UK and European RAC breakdown cover.
  • Specialist schemes for Classics & Modern Classics (we're partial to 80's two-strokes).
  • Trackday damage cover for organised events at UK and EU circuits (including the Nurburgring).

Call us on 01733 907000* to discuss your bike insurance needs

* Calls will be recorded for our mutual protection