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  • Top 5 Motorbike Breakdown Callouts: RAC

    it’s the time of year when many motorcyclists will be looking forward to getting on their bikes a lot more, whether to beat the traffic to get into work or leisure rides at the weekends. However according to new breakdown figures from the RAC it’s also an important time of year for bike maintenance...

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  • This year’s buzz: Gas Forks

    Every few years, there has to be some new bike tech for us to get excited about. It's been the same since forever. Some of these leaps forward are genuinely great, and have changed biking. Some – not so much. So what category are gas forks in?

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  • Tell me about… exhaust gas

    The connection between ‘man-made’ CO2 and global warming is, depending on who you believe, incontrovertible, tenuous or a fallacy. Either way it’s worth taking seriously, in a sort of green Pascal’s wager, because we’ve nothing to lose by accepting it and a whole planet to lose if we don’t...

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  • What is... ECU flashing

    Modifying the fuelling on engines is an essential part of any tuning process. The traditional way has been to use an aftermarket fuel injection computer, like the Dynojet Power Commander​, but ECU flashing is the latest in fuel-injection tuning, and they've been doing it with cars for years. But what is it and how does it work?

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  • How do bikes go round corners

    Bikes go round corners because the rider is balancing a large number of physical forces to a high degree of accuracy – at least, accurately enough not to crash, hopefully. To explain further may break the internet or your attention span. But here goes...

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