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AutoAlex joins the ranks at BeMoto

If you're a true petrolhead that doesn’t care how many wheels your adrenaline fix comes on, as long as it comes, we have a treat for you…. BeMoto has partnered up with Auto Alex - the rising star of YouTube's car community. In just 12 months, Alex Kersten, aka Autoalex, has amassed over 500,000 subscribers, thanks to his unique brand of entertaining and informative content that focuses on affordable vehicles and adventure.

Autoalex is best known for his cheap car challenges and adventures, but his love of motorbikes has seen quirky bike content feature on his channel too. Autoalex's love of the affordable end of the market means you're more likely to see a £500 motorbike than a new superbike. As he says, "I love that people can watch the videos on a Thursday night and then challenge themselves to buy similar bikes with mates for cheap weekend thrills!"

BeMoto are excited to team up with Alex to help keep this fantastic content free of charge and spread the enthusiasm across the bike enthusiast community. If you buy a policy from BeMoto as a dedicated follower of Alex, we will make a contribution to the channel. Your policy won’t cost you any more but you will be helping Alex produce high quality content for your consumption free of charge.

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Why make AutoAlex a regular watch?

Autoalex's appeal goes beyond just entertainment. Since launching his channel in May 2022, Autoalex has achieved some incredible feats. His biggest achievement to date includes "getting a homeless man off the streets with the help of generosity from my audience." He has also raised over £40,000 for a young lad with terminal cancer. "When Matt Pollard got in touch to tell me his story, I knew I had to drop everything to help change his and his family's fortunes. We restored his beloved Mazda MX-5 and organised a car show at Goodwood in 12 days to celebrate him and his love of his family. It's the best thing I've ever done, and 'Mattwood' is now a regular feature on the events calendar. Matt has also massively outlived his 6-month prognosis and is currently living his best life. He's inspiring."

Autoalex's content style is relaxed, humorous, and thoroughly entertaining. With friends Taylor Hetherington (cars) and Gareth Potter (motorbikes) regularly featuring, the channel has a fun dynamic that never fails to entertain. What's more, Autoalex's content has touched the lives of many of his viewers in ways he never imagined. "Despite the fact that many see channels like mine as entertainment and escapism, I've had loads of messages from people telling me that the channel is helping get them through dark times in their lives. I even had a young guy tell me that a build series I did a few years ago during my time at Car Throttle actually saved his life. Little did I know that my hobby/job would have such a massive impact!"

When it comes to bikes, Autoalex's current two-wheeled love of his life is his Ducati 748. He fell in love with the look of it straight away and knew he had to have one. And when it comes to past rides, he's ridden all sorts of Hondas - including the Monkey, Grom, 500X, CBR650R - as well as the Triumph Speed Triple RR on Cadwell track, Ducati 1198 on the road, and the very special BMW M1000 RR 50 Year Edition up Goodwood Hill, which has been the highlight so far. Next on the purchase list are a Yamaha R6 for track and a Honda VFR 400 NC30 because he likes the idea of a super-nimble screamer of a bike.

And when it comes to bike trips, Autoalex is currently planning a trip to Vietnam to embark on a cheap bike challenge that will see him buy bikes out there and explore one of the world's greatest destinations. With his love for adventure and his passion for affordable vehicles, it's no wonder Autoalex is quickly becoming one of the most popular automotive YouTubers out there.

In conclusion, Auto Alex is more than just another automotive influencer on YouTube. He's a compassionate kind of guy with a really likeable personality and is super down to earth. So give his channel a follow!

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