Types of Motorcycles

  • The Scooter

    It was post WW2 when the Scooter really caught on. In 1946 the Piaggio Vespa was launched, instantly becoming a sales success and setting the standard, closely followed in 1947 by the Lambretta. The Scooter offered a very affordable form of transport for the masses...

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  • 250cc-500cc Sportsbikes

    ​Over the years there have been a number of engine configurations of the 250cc Sportsbike, powered by both two-stroke and four-stroke engines. The two-stroke 250cc Sportbikes were always powered by twin cylinder engines and all four-stroke incarnations were originally in-line 4 cylinder screamers...

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  • 750cc Sportbikes

    The 750cc Sportsbike can be traced back to 1969 when Honda introduced the CB750; it was a revolution, featuring an in-line four-cylinder four-stroke engine producing a claimed 67bhp and capable of hitting a top speed of around 120mph...

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